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Off Canvas – Online Gallery Show

A Women’s Thing – Dec 4, to Feb 4, 2021 New-york (US)


A Women’s Thing and YCG Fine Art announce the virtual exhibition “OFF CANVAS”. Which will be on view on @awomensthing from December 4, 2020 to February 4, 2021. This online viewing room, the second of its kind, is part of a larger initiative launched by A Women’s Thing. To provide support and visibility to emerging artists and organizations. Mid-career and established who identify women internationally.

Association Link

“OFF CANVAS” invites viewers to reflect on and beyond the limits of the canvas (both real and metaphorical) by exploring a selection of pieces by four female artists working in different media. 10% of YCG Fine Art’s proceeds from “OFF CANVAS” will be donated to the Association for the benefit of children ( Follow @awomensthing on Instagram for updates. Featured artists: Morgan Everhart. Padma Rajendran. Erika Ranee. Véronique Terrieux.


Off Canvas→




Hiroshi Nagai: Paintings for Music

Japan Foundation – Until Jan 23, Sydney (Australia)


Hiroshi Nagai: Paintings for Music studies the relationship between the pop music of the Japanese city and the paintings of the famous illustrator Hiroshi Nagai. This is Nagai’s first international solo exhibition. Including the cover of A Long Vacation by Eiichi Ohtaki. Many other iconic record covers have spearheaded the city’s pop music culture in Japan. Nagai has since collaborated with musicians. Brands from all over the world, leaving their mark on contemporary culture and style.

This exhibition explores an era that sums up the new way of life of urban youth in Tokyo. Through the lens of Nagai’s paintings. His dream visual palette. Its associated urban successes embody the cultural reverberations of the Japanese economic boom. Providing a soundtrack and aesthetic for young city dwellers who desire endless poolside summers and vibrant nightlife in the city.

Hiroshi Nagai: Paintings for Music features 20 of the illustrator’s original works spanning his career. As well as a collection of record covers designed for a variety of musical styles from Japan and around the world. Including soul. The funk. Pop, Reggae. The boogie and more.


Japan Foundation→The Japan Foundation, Sydney Level 4, Central Park 28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008




Light Installations by Viktor Vicsek

 Festival at Battersea Power Station – Until Feb 16, 2020 London (UK)


Banishing the winter blues, Battersea stages a light festival of four installations. At the former power station whose distinctive chimney columns punctuate the south London skyline. Perhaps the most visually striking is Talking Heads, created by Viktor Vicsek. Two heads, each composed of 4,000 customisable LED lights. React to one another to create a myriad of facial expressions. The light installations, free to enjoy from 8th January until 16th February. Also include a large interactive screen with a thousand buttons. Which you can use to make patterns. 140 filtered fluorescent tubes which bring light to the historic Grade II*-listed Coaling Jetty. And an interactive neon sign which draws you in with its bright colours. Provoking message and loud rustling noises.


Viktor VicsekViktor Vicsek

Battersea Light Festival – Battersea Power Station, Circus West, Battersea, Sopwith Way, London SW8 4NN




Marc SIjan

Museum La Boverie – Until May 3, 2020 Liege (Belgium)


With a selection of around forty hyperrealist sculptures by leading international artists. Marc Sijan. Paul McCarthy, George Segal, Ron Mueck, Maurizio Cattelan, Berlinde De Bruyckere, Duane Hanson, Carole Feuerman. The exhibition “Hyperrealism Sculpture. This is not a body. ” Reports on the evolution of the human figure in sculpture. A current from the 1970s to the present day. The selection highlights various key problems in the approach to representation. Figurative realism to highlight how the vision of our body has constantly evolved.


event near meRésultat de recherche d'images pour "Marc Sijan"Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Marc Sijan"

La Boverie – Parc de la Boverie, 4020 Liège, Belgique




Katsura Funakoshi

Van Doren Waxter Gallery – Until Jan 17, 2020 New-York (USA)


Van Doren Waxter is pleased to announce Katsura Funakoshi. A tower in the night forest. Recent works 2011-2019. An exhibition of five sculptures carved by hand. Drawings made by the famous Japanese sculptor at 23 East 73rd Street. From November 14, 2019 to January 17, 2020. Funakoshi is admired for his fantastic figures. Distorted and contemplative. Especially in Japan, where the artist occupies a prominent place among the sculptors.


Events near meevents near me

Van Doren Waxter Gallery – 23 E 73rd St, New York, NY 10021, USA




Manolo Valdés

Opera Gallery – Until Oct 25 to 15 Nov, 2019  London (England)


In October, Opera Gallery London. Proud and excited to present the first solo show. From Manolo Valdés in the Mayfair district.

Internationally renowned as a painter and sculptor. Manolo Valdés, born in 1942 in Valencia, Spain. Is a pioneering and adventurous explorer of the picture. As well as form and materials. Recognized as one of the most established Spanish artists. Valdes is known not only for his extraordinary vision and creativity. But also for his skillful technical ability. He expresses his thoughts and feelings. Through active engagement with a multitude of materials.


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "manolo valdés"Sculpture de Manolo Valdés, place Vendôme

Opera Gallery – 134 New Bond St, Mayfair, London W1S 2TF, England




Sculpture by the Sea, 2019

Coastal walk from Bondi to Tamarama – Oct 24 to Nov 10, 2019 Sydney (Australia)


For 23 years now. Sculpture by the Sea is one of Sydney’s major art events. More than 500,000 people participated in the 2 km coastal walk. From Bondi to Tamarama. You can admire sculptures of great artists (Mu Boyan). So, only new Australian and foreign talent (The Glue Siciety).

Each year, the program features many local heroes. There is a large contingent of regular participants. With the price of $ 70,000. But the most captivating works can come from the less known artists. all it takes is a good idea.


Mu Boyan

The Glue Society

Website :




Zhanna Kadyrova

ZAHORIAN & VAN ESPEN Gallery – Aug 30 to Oct 04, 2019 Prague (Czechoslovakia)


Zhanna Kadyrova and the exhibition on the relationship between architecture and mosaic. In Ukraine and other countries. Monumental mosaic panels. Often decorated the “gray cubes” in concrete of socialist housing projects. Institutions and factories built between the 1960s and 1980s. Today, this architecture is in decline or in transition. The buildings are often abandoned. Caught between life and death, because of their poor initial quality. among other reasons.


Zhanna Kadyrova, Apple, 2010, calcestruzzo, cemento, muro di mattoni, frammenti, piastrelle di ceramica, 300 × 300 × 300 cm, Lenin Street, Perm, Russia, foto Alexander KhomutovZhanna Kadyrova, Fruit, 2008, piastrelle di ceramica, poliuretano espanso, altezza 140 cm, collezione Fondazione Vladimir Smirnovand Kostantine Sorokin, MoscaZhanna Kadyrova, Shell, 2008, property of the artist, photo Andrew Yagubsky, Alexei Lerer

Zahorian & Van Espen Gallery – Blanická 845/9 – 120 00 Vinohrady – Praha 2 (czechoslovakia)




Sayaka Kajita Ganz

Stamford Museum & Nature Center – Until Sept 02, 2019 Connecticut (USA)


Sayaka Ganz utilizes reclaimed plastic household objects. Like brush strokes which appear visibly unified. At a distance though separate at close proximity. She describes her style as “3-D impressionism”. Ganz’s aim is to impart new life. To the items by transforming them into wildlife forms in full motion. Including horses. Birds. Swimming polar bears, and “Uta” a humpbacked whale.


<B><i>Uta</i></b>, 2013, reclaimed plastic objects, painted aluminum, wire, cable ties, 53 x 39 x 14 inches<B><i>Feng Shui</i></b>, 2008, reclaimed plastic and metal objects, wire, cable ties, 25 x 54 x 63 inches

Stamford Museum & Nature Center – 39 Scofieldtown Rd, Stamford, CT 06903, USA




Thinkspace Gallery – August 03 to 24, 2019  Culver City, California (USA)


Los Angeles-based artist Matthew Grabelsky. Combines a hyperrealistic painting technique. With a surreal penchant for unlikely juxtapositions. Raised in New York City. Grabelsky uses its subway’s underground world. As the setting for his unlikely pairings.


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Thinkspace Gallery – 6009 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232, États-Unis




KUKJE GALLERY – Until July 28, 2019 Busan (South Korea)


Ha Chong-Hyun is a Korean artist. He is known for his innovative approach to painting. Also, for being an influential member of the Korean abstract painting style. Known as Dansaekhwa. Roughly translated as “monochrome painting”. Dansaekhwa refers to the work of a group of poorly affiliated Korean artists. Among them Lee Ufan, Park Seo-Bo and Yun Hyong-keun. Who have in the 1970s. Developed an aesthetic that emphasizes the process. Tactility and surface.


Events near meRésultat de recherche d'images pour "HA CHONG HYUN"

KUKJE GALLERY – 20 Gurak-ro 123(baegisipsam)beon – Mangmi 2(i)-dong, Suyeong-gu, Busan, South Korea



PHotoESPAÑA 2019 

Fernán Gómez. Centro Cultural de la Villa – Until 01 Sept 2019, Madrid (Spain)


The international festival for photography and visual arts PHotoESPAÑA. Has earned its place as Spain’s biggest event in the world of photography.  PHotoESPAÑA 2019 presents 85 exhibitions with works by 296 artists. And a programme of activities that take place in close to 80 venues. It’s a complete immersion in the best of the the world of photography. From the latest trends and experiments to projects by such renowned artists as :  Elina Brotherus. Javier Vallhonrat. Robert Mapplethorpe. Delio Jasse. Darío Villalba. Berenice Abbott. William Klein and Rogelio López Cuenca.


Events happening

Elina Brotherus

Elina Brotherus

William Klein

William Klein

Fernán Gómez. Centro Cultural de la Villa – 4, Plaza de Colón, 28001 Madrid, Spain



Frieze Sculpture 2019

Regent’s Park – Until Oct 06, 2019, London (England)


Every year. Frieze Sculpture transforms the English gardens of Regent’s Park into an open-air art park. It’s a great way to combine the best of the sun. And to see the creations of an excellent group of international artists. Lars Firsk. Tom Sachs. Zak Ové. Tracey Emin. 


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Tom Sachs

Zak Ové

Tracey Emin

Frieze Sculpture 2019 – Chester Rd, London NW1 4NR, England




Robert Longo

Metro Pictures Gallery – Until May 31, New-York (USA)


Robert Longo’s Amerika marks the beginning of a two-part exhibition. By the artist and is a continuation of his Destroyer Cycle series. An investigation into the politics of power. Futility, and aggression. Longo will open the second part of the exhibition. Fugitive Images, in November at Metro Pictures.

Amerika consists of three large-scale works. That reflect the fraught events dominating the current U.S. News cycle. Entering the gallery, the viewer. Is confronted by Longo’s Death Star 2018. A monumental sculpture. That responds to the exponential proliferation. Of mass shootings in the United States.


Art Galeery MuseumRobert Longo, detail of Death Star 2018 (2018). Image courtesy of the artist, Metro Pictures, New York, and Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac; London, Paris, Salzburg.

Metro Pictures – 519 W 24th St, New York, NY 10011, USA


Josseline Erner

Solo, under the roofs – Until April 28, 2019 Paris (France)


“Solo, under the roofs”. You open the doors of the exhibition “Around women”. Impressionist painter Josseline Erner visiting Paris.
It is on the 6th floor left (elevator until the 5th) of 25 BL Magenta. That Josseline Erner took possession of the premises. Solo under the roofs. A revisited loft in which mixes Painting and Sculpture. Thus, the drawings and paintings of the artist dress the space of this atypical loft in the heart of Paris.


Solo sous les Toits – 25 Bl de magenta, 6th (elevator until the 5th) Paris (France)

Website :



Coco Capitán

Maison Européen de la Photographie – Until May 26, 2019 Paris (France)


With nearly 150 works. The exhibition is built as an immersive journey into the artist’s universe. The route is punctuated by several series of the artist. Most often mixing photography with text. One is composed of landscapes of the American West. Representing abandoned infrastructures. Another reveals the critical view that the artist bears. On the consumer society and translates a true filiation with Pop Art.


Opening paintingCoco Capit&#225;n: Busy LivingCoco Capit&#225;n: Busy LivingCoco Capit&#225;n: Busy Living

Maison Européen de la Photographie – 5/7 Rue de Fourcy, 75004 Paris (France)



Vincent Olinet

Gallery Laurent Godin – Until Mars 23, 2019 Paris (France)


The exhibition “An image” at the Laurent Godin gallery in Paris. Gathers sculptures. Installations and videos in an immersive device designed by Vincent Olinet. With central themes the flow of time and the relationship to space. The ensemble is part of the continuity of the still lifes of the Flemish masters of the 17th century.


OpeningVincent Olinet, Salade de frais (détail), 2019.Vincent Olinet, Une image, 2019.

Gallery Laurent Godin – 36 Bis Rue Eugène Oudiné, 75013 Paris (France)



Tracey Emin

White Cube Bemondsey- Until April 07, 2019 London (England)


You are inches from Tracey Emin’s face. You’re right there on the pillow next to her. Watching her desperately wait for sleep to finally come. Emin suffers from insomnia. And takes selfies as she helplessly wrestles with it. She’s printed them two metres high. And pasted them across the walls here. On the one hand, they’re terrifying. Ridiculous, even a little stupid. But on the other, they’re… really good. They tower over you. Suffocating you in their bleary, angry, frustrated misery. It feels like she’s collapsing with exhaustion around you. It just hits you so hard.


Exhibit OpeningTracey Emin: A Fortnight of Tears review

White Cube Bermondsey – 144-152 Bermondsey St London SE1 3TQ



Guðmundur Thoroddsen

Asya Geisberg Gallery – Until March 30, 2019 New York


The wages of masculinity (or perhaps, hyper-masculinity) is the topic of this Icelandic artist’s ceramic. Sculptures and paintings. Which tend towards a muted palette meant to recall the stark landscape of his country. His latest canvases feature a sort of protagonist in the form a dog smoking a cigarette. Who is portrayed in varying degrees of compositional devolution.


Exhibition OpeningRésultat de recherche d'images pour "GUÐMUNDUR THORODDSEN"Image associée

Asya Geisberg Gallery – 537 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011, USA




Ansac Memorial – Until Feb 17, 2019 Sydney (Australia)


This exhibition at the ANZAC Memorial commemorates the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I.

Sydney’s ANZAC Memorial has just relaunched after a million-dollar revamp. And is kicking off its new era with this exhibition of 12 Australian artists. Who all recently visited the World War I battlefields of the western front. They’ve all created new works in response to their experiences. On the site and their own personal histories. The artists are: Deidre Bean. Harrie Fisher. Paul Ferman. Michelle Hiscock. Ross Laurie. Steve Lopes. Euan MacLeod.  Ian Marr. Idris Murphy. Amanda Penrose Hart. Luke Sciberras and Wendy Sharpe.

The exhibition, which commemorates the 100th anniversary of the ceasefire on the western front, was curated by Brad Manera.


Salient War Memorial exhibitionSalient War Memorial Exhibition Salient War Memorial exhibition

Ansac Memorial – Liverpool Street, Hyde Park South, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia



Ian Cheng

Gladstone Gallery – Until March 23, 2019 New-York


Cheng has made a rep for himself by creating “live simulations”. Imagineered with the help of a video game engine. In them, behavioral scenarios involving figures interacting. Within fantastical landscapes are programmed to play out or mutate on their own. For his debut at Gladstone Gallery. Cheng delves into artificial intelligence with BOB (Bag of Beliefs). An AI taking form as a “chimeric branching serpent”. With its own mind. Body and personality. Enabling it to autonomously interact and respond to viewers.


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Ian Cheng"exhibition openingImage associée

Gladstone Gallery – 530 W 21st St New York 10011




Collection Rhoda Kellogg

White Columns Gallery – Jan 17 / March9, 2019 New-York


A clinical psychiatrist specializing in child psychology. Kellogg (1898–1987) pioneered the use of children’s art as a tool for studying childhood development. She also made her own work. A selection of which is presented here in a show curated by Brian Belott, an artist known for his own kiddie art aesthetic.


art galleryart galleryHand

White Columns – 91 Horatio St Enter on Horatio St New York 10014



Kris Lemsalu

Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art – Until Fev 03, 2019 London (England)


Kris Lemsalu has converted this gallery into a little shop of psychedelic horrors. It’s filled with bodies caught in the middle of mutating. Metamorphosing and transmogrifiying into bizarre. Twisted new shapes.

The Estonian artist combines glistening ceramics. And intricate fabrics into shocking tableaux. The first installation here features. A wall of arms and hands, surrounded by climbing grips. It’s like a bouldering centre run by an eccentric artist. The work implies that a degree of physical effort. The climbing – can lead to a new version of you.


exhibionopeningImage associéeRésultat de recherche d'images pour "Kris Lemsalu exhibition 2019"

Goldsmiths CCA  – St James’s, London SE14 6AD, England



Spencer Tunick (performance)

Neimeyer Center –  Until Jan 07, 2019 Avilés (Spain)


Nudes It is the first retrospective of American photographer Spencer Tunick in Spain of. Tunick has been documenting the nude in public. With photography and video, since 1992. Since 1994 he has organized more than 95 temporary installations related to a specific place. And covering dozens, hundreds or thousands of volunteers. Your photographs are records of these events. Individuals en masse. Without clothing, grouped, are transformed into a new form. The bodies extend into and over the landscape as a substance. Tunick poses scenes in which the battle of nature against culture. Develops with several backdrops. From a civic center to a sandstorm in the desert. Man and woman return to a state of pre-industrial existence.

These group masses, which do not underline sexuality. Become abstractions that challenge or reconfigure the points of view of nudity and privacy. His work also refers to the complex issue of presenting art. In permanent or temporary public spaces.


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Spencer Tunick"performance happening

Neimeyer Center – Av. del Zinc, s/n, 33490 Avilés, Asturias, Spain



Lindsay Pichaske

Greenwich House – Jan 18 / Feb 08, 2019 New York


The Jane Hartsook Gallery is pleased to present new work by Lindsay Pichaske. Pichaske is known for creating sculptures of animals. That blur the line between the real and the fantastic. The animal and the human. Made out of clay and covered with a “skin” of surprising materials like string. Sticks, nails. Sequins or feathers. Pichaske’s creations ask viewers to reconsider their preconceptions around empathy and sentiency.


Exhibition openingRésultat de recherche d'images pour "Lindsay Pichaske"

Greenwich House – 16 Jones Street New York, NY 10014 (USA)



International Collective Sculpture Show

3 Punts Gallery – Until Feb 09, 2019 Barcelona (Spain)


You can see the works. Surround them, smell them. Get close to see the details. You can find the artistic and technical virtuosity. The defects of execution. You can discuss with your neighbour the immorality of the works. The nakedness of a body. The numbing simplicity of a piece or the gratuity of an element. You can recognize the exhibited artists. Talk about the famous pieces and the new ones. You can mention anything you want on the social network. You can photograph, record, draw on paper a sketch of the works on display.


exhibiyion opening






JOSÉ COBO Epoxy resin

3 Punts Galeria – Carrer d’Enric Granados, 21, 08007 Barcelona, (Spain)



Chak Kit

Yellow Korner Gallery – Until Dec 23, 2018 Hong Kong (China)


Having spent the past three years exploring. And hitting the streets of the city. Locally-based photographer Chak Kit has managed. To capture minimalist yet captivating images of Hong Kong. Differentiating from typical Hong Kong photos is Chak’s ability. To move past the usual crowded and dense architecture. And present visual stories through colours, lines, grids and patterns.


Colorful, Minimalist Hong Kong by Chak Kit #photography #travel #travelphotography #hongkong #colorful #minimalist #urbanTetris, Chak Kitby Chak KitChak Kit

Yellow Korner Gallery – 58 Hollywood Rd & PMQ S101 Hong Kong



Aaron Garber- Maikovska

Cleraring Gallery – Dec 22, 2018 New-York (USA)


POSTPARTUM is an exhibition of 7 new paintings by Aaron Garber-Maikovska. Despite their explosive color. The genesis of these paintings was a gradual process for Garber-Maikovska. And something of a radical departure for how the artist approaches the medium.

Begun in 2017, they were developed in stages. As the artist and his partner were expecting their second child. And completed shortly before the artist’s recent exhibition at High Art in Paris. This past September. As happened, the baby arrived the same week. Of the opening and Garber-Maikovska. flew home to assist his wife during the child’s delivery. Missing the opening reception in the process.


Garber-Maikovska Armory Results.001event opening

Cleraring New-York – 396 Johnson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206, USA



Rona Pondick

Marc Straus Gallery – Until Dec 16, 2018 New-York (USA)


Pondick’s new works feature semi-transparent clear blocks encasing. Her head rendered in brilliant contrasting color. The heads appear in various orientations. Sometimes even floating partway out of their evanescent domain.

The blocks have subtle contours. And worked edges, paying fealty to the sculptor’s hand. They are made from resin, acrylic and an epoxy modeling compound. New materials for Pondick. Who experimented endlessly to achieve a harmony of form, color. And emotional depth. One indelible quality of the new work is the use of sonorous color. Each work features a dominant hue and no more than four different colors. For which the work is titled. These are intimate and yet powerful works that shift with our positioning.


Rona Pondick 2014-2018 Pigmented resin and acrylic 8 x 22 1/8 x 22 1/8 inches (20.3 x 56.2 x 56.2 cm) 2018 Marc Straus GalleryExhibition OpeningRona Pondick 2018 Pigmented resin and acrylic 15 5/8 x 8 5/8 x 8 3/4 inches (39.7 x 21.9 x 22.2 cm) 2018 Marc Straus GalleryRona Pondick 2015-2017 Pigmented resin and acrylic 19 x 17 3/4 x 17 3/4 inches (48.3 x 45.1 x 45.1 cm) 2018 Marc Straus Gallery

Marc Straus Gallery – 299 Grand St, New York, NY 10002, USA



Jeanne Tripier

La casa incendida – Until Jan05, 2019 Madrid (Spain)


Jeanne Tripier (Paris, 1869 – Neuilly-sur-Marne, 1944). Remains relatively unknown in Spain, But her artwork is undeniably fascinating. Full of lyricism, her work was created during the decade. She spent in an asylum in Neuilly-sur-Marne. Where she died. The artist’s self-taught nature.

The link between her visual works and embroideries. And her mental illness, her psychopathic-megalomaniacal outbursts. And the connection with her matter-rich manifestations. Or reincarnation as other individuals – such as Joan of Arc – in her personal battle. As an interplanetary vigilante all contrive to make her a truly fascinating character.

"Jeanne Tripier"

La casa incendida – Ronda de Valencia, 2, 28012 Madrid, (Spain)



Santiago Parra

JD Malat Gallery – Nov16/Dec15, 2018 London (UK)


JD Malat Gallery is a gallery specialised in contemporary art. The gallery represents a broad spectrum of artists from international backgrounds and schools. Occasional secondary market masterpieces are exposed and acquired. The gallery offers advisory services. Also and collection creation based on the gallery’s wide-ranging portfolio. The programme consists of an array of exciting artists supported by year. Round exhibitions and contemporary art fairs.


art galleryart galleryart gallerie

JD Malat Gallery –  30 Davies St, Mayfair, London W1K 4NB, Royaume-Uni



Anna Condo – Reflections

Galerie Joseph – Until Nov 04, 2018, Paris (France)


Anna is a French director and photographer, born in Armenia, living in New York. She began an acting career, then in 1988 turned to photography. In 1989. Anna moved to the United States and worked on many projects.
She started writing and making movies. During this period, Anna continued to take photographs and collaborated with many artists. In 1998, she published her first book “AH Allen,” a powerful tribute to her friend the poet Allen Ginsberg. Since 2013, Anna has been focusing on flower photography. Is it a snub to this society that is constantly reinventing the rules? Or simply the observation that the real is elsewhere? Some view the flower as naive. Anna’s works prove the opposite.

These images that can be compared to portraits, impose respect. Indeed here the flower is no longer fragile. She is strong, sometimes arrogant. She symbolizes this nature that only bends to the elements. A real break in the world in which we live in. The flower is a lady first and foremost. A feminist before its time. A broth of culture, stories, and emotions. P. Achdjian (“The storm revives flowers” C.Baudelaire).

Galerie Joseph – 123 rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris, (France)



PÒTOPRENS: The Urban Artists of Port-au-Prince

Pioneer Works Center – Until Nov 11, 2018 NY (USA)


This selection of 25 artists working in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince. Is an eye-opening look at the creative vitality of a city that’s often dismissed as an economic basket case. Despite very real challenges like Haiti’s huge disparity between rich and poor. The contributors here have developed flourishing artistic practices that include sequined Vodou flags. Stone and wood carvings, and found object assemblages. That reflect the country’s dynamically mixed cultural heritage.


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "PÒTOPRENS: The Urban Artists"

Pioneer Works Center – 159 Pioneer St, Brooklyn, NY 11231, USA



James Rosenquist

Acquavella Galleries – Oct 25 / Dec 7, 2018 NY (USA)


This major loan exhibition collects paintings from Rosenquist’s ‘60s heyday. The same period in which he created his unalloyed masterpiece, F-111. Like that piece, the works here offer hallucinogenic meditations on America. At the zenith of its mid-century prosperity. Both critical and celebratory. These compositions reflect on a culture defined. By a voracious appetite for mass consumption stimulated by advertising image.


Acquavella Galleries – 18 E 79th St, New York, NY 10075, USA




El pintor de canciones – música popular en España (1948-1978)

Fernán Gómez Centro Cultural – Until Nov 11, 2018 Madrid (Spain)


Behind the deafening but refreshing water cascade in Plaza Colón. Below the Columbus monument, is the city council’s only purpose-built cultural centre. On offer is a mixed bag of theatre. Puppets, opera and zarzuelas in the summer. As well as art exhibitions, usually featuring important Hispanic artists.


Jornadas libertarias en el parque Güell, 1977. Pilar AymerichEl público jaleó y disfrutó con los grupos que, durante cuarenta minutos, actuaban en el escenario. Burgos 5 de julio de 1975. Pep RigolImagen tomada a las 15 horas ciudad de Burgos. 5 de julio de 1975. Festival de la Cochambre. Pep Rigol

Fernán Gómez Centro Cultural – Jardines del Descubrimiento. Plaza de Colón, 4 Madrid 28001 Spain



Nine stunning Hong Kong street

Bamboo Scenes & Blue Lotus Gallery – Permanent collection Oct 2018, Hong Kong


Hong Kong is a photographer’s dream. For neophytes and veterans alike. With its combination of the old and new. Where nature is within walking distance of the city streets. So it’s only understandable that our hometown is continually captured in the form of jaw-dropping images. Here are nine of our favourites. Which enthusiasts can also take home in the shape. Of a print from Bamboo Scenes Gallery and Blue Lotus Gallery. Two of Hong Kong’s best art galleries for photography that you shouldn’t miss.

Kevin Mak

Gideon de Kock

Michael Wolf

Bamboo Scenes Gallery – 13 Fuk Sau Lane Sai Ying Pun Hong Kong

Blue Lotus Gallery – 1606 Chai Wan Industrial City, 60 Wing Tai Road. Chai Wan, Hong Kong


Sculpture by the Sea

Bondi Beach to Tamarama Beach – Until Nov 04, 2018 Bondi (Australia)


More than 100 sculptures from Australia and abroad transform the Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk into a temporary sculpture park

Now in its 22nd year. Sculpture by the Sea is one of Sydney’s key annual arts events. Drawing more than 500,000 to the 2km coastal. Walk from Bondi to Tamarama to enjoy site-specific sculptures by top artists. And emerging talents from Australia and abroad.

This year will include a work from inflatable sculpture masters. Maurice Goldberg and Matthew Aberline. And a surprisingly political work from Daniel Clemmett. Commenting on America’s gun culture using recycled steel car bonnets. Matthew Gill is taking a more introspective approach. With a large androgynous head sculpture depicting anxiety and depression.


 (Photograph: Anna Kucera) (Photograph: Anna Kucera) (Photograph: Anna Kucera)

Bondi Beach


Jonas Lipps

Bureau Gallery – Until Oct 21, 2018 New York (USA)


As part of an exchange with Berlin’s Tanya Leighton Gallery. Bureau hosts Jonas Lipps. A German artist who works in watercolor, casein. Collage and colored pencil on found scraps paper or cardboard. His imagery seems just as throwaway. With jumbles of color blocks and surreal scatterings of cartoonish. Or naive imagery—which. According to the gallery, deal with “social order. Shopping centers. Transportation networks. Nation states. Jails and schools”. The last seems especially relevant. Given that Lipps’s style resembles a grade-schooler’s. A closer look, however. Reveals numerous stylistic name-checks. Including nods to James Ensor. George Grosz. Sigmar Polke and Martin Kippenberg.


Jonas Lipps, <em> Sans titre (21-03-15) </ em>, 2015<br /> Aquarelle et encre de chine sur papier<br /> 24 x 32 cmJonas Lipps, Untitled, 2018Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Jonas Lipps"

Bureau Gallery – 178 Norfolk St New York 10002 (USA)



Judith Eisler

Casey Kaplan gallery – Until Oct 20, 2018 New York (US)


Eisler employs a soft-focus style of photorealism that recalls the work of Gerhard Richter. Several paintings of candles here even seem to pay homage to the German artist’s treatment of the same subject. But as the show title explains. Eisler canvases play “riffs” on filmmaker Derek Jarman’s 1986 biopic of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, the obstreperous 16th-century Mannerist who. When he wasn’t brawling, was busy re-inventing painting. Eisler bases her canvases on stills from the movie. Isolating particular details in close ups that square a peculiar circle. In which an artist makes paintings about a film about an artist who paints.


Judith Eisler, Magdalena, 2018Image associée

Casey Kaplan Gallery – 121 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001, US



Black: Recatogorize

Ora-Ora gallery – Until Oct 13, 2018 Hong Kong (China)


Galerie Ora-Ora presents a group exhibition that raises the question. “What is black?” Showcasing works by seven local and international artists. Including Patrick Nilsson. Carla Chan and Cindy Ng Sio-leng. The show take audiences through a dynamic. And nuanced journey with the colour black. Frequently being dismissed by our eyes because of its ubiquity. Black shines brightly more than other colours as the ancient Chinese “xuan”. Colour expressed by the mastery of the 5 gradations of ink.


Zhang Yanzi 章燕紫, Limitless No.1 無盡1 , 2017Black: RecategorizeZhang Yanzi 章燕紫, Limitless No.2 無盡2 , 2017

Ora-Ora Gallery – Unit 1702, 17/F, H Queen’s, 80, Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong



Suellen Rocca

Matthew Marks Gallery – Until Oct 27, 2018 (New York)


Suellen Rocca is one of the original members of the Hairy Who. A group of six visionary artists who first exhibited together in Chicago in 1966. Early in her career Rocca developed a unique vocabulary of symbols. Wedding rings, purses, and palm trees — inspired by advertising imagery. In her paintings and drawings she often arranged these images in repetitive patterns. Creating compositions that have been likened to modern hieroglyphs. When asked about the source of her imagery. Rocca has cited “the cultural icons of beauty. And romance expressed by the media that promised happiness to young women of that generation.” Since 1980 her work has increasingly combined this iconography with allusions to the body. Animals, and plant life.


Matthew Marks Gallery – 523 W 24th St, New York, NY 10011, US



Sebastian Black

Clearing Gallery – Sept 13/Nov 04, 2018 New-York (US)


Say this for Black’s colorful abstractions. They are visually punchy affairs. Their all-over skeins of curvilinear shapes. And figurative fragments evoke a fizzy mix of Jazz Age. And mid-century modernism that swings somewhere between WPA mural and Mad Menoffice art.


Abstract painting by Sebastian Black.Artwork of the 'puppy paintings' series, oil on linen, 2016.

Clearing Gallery – 396 Johnson Ave Brooklyn 11206, NY



Heidi Bucher

Parasol Unit Foundation – Sept 19 / Dec 09, 2018 London (England)


Latex casts. Drag your mind out the gutter and discover the slippery. Translucent artworks of Heidi Bucher. The Swiss artists made a career from creating latex imprints of houses. Clothing, bodies… lots of things. Really. The ‘Häutungen’ (or ‘skinnings’). Hang down like great rubbery ghosts or sliding memories turned into sculptures.


Parasol Unit Foundation – 14 Wharf Rd, Hoxton, London N1 7RW, England



Juan Genovés

Marlborough Contemporary – Sept 13 / Oct 09, 2018 New York (USA)


The Directors of Marlborough Gallery. Are pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings
by the renowned Spanish artist Juan Genovés. The exhibition will begin on September 13th and remain on view through October 9th, 2018.

Genovés creates his distinctive figures from thickly applied acrylic paint that protrudes from the surfaces. The lines that reinforce the picture plane can be read as breaks in the image. Or as topographies encouraging the directional movement of the crowd. The cast shadow is an important element. With each figure being anchored by its unique shadow. In addition, beads and other small objects found by the artist are attached to the figures on the canvas. And contribute to the individuality and character of each.


Marlborough Contemporary – 545 W 25th St New York



Lawrence Abu Hamdan

Chisenhale Gallery – 21 Sept 21 / 9 Dec 09, 2018 London (England)


Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s conceptual. Politically focused work has been gaining momentum for some time. Hamdan, who makes his work between Beirut and Berlin tackles a range of issues. Usually through installation. This show is attempting to break down. How we get to the truth when overloaded with information and news via the internet.


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Lawrence Abu Hamdan"

Chisenhale Gallery – 64 Chisenhale Road – London




Nathaniel Mary Quinn

Salon 94 gallery – Sept 07/27 Oct, 2018 New-York  (USA)


Quinn’s portraits of his neighbors in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Resemble a combination of collage, Francis Bacon and scrambled identikit police sketchs. Facial features are fractured and mismatched. As if cobbled together from different people. But Quinn’s subjects are singular. Drawn from memory in a way that reflects upon its ever-shifting hold on the past.


Nathaniel Mary Quinn, “The Land”

Salon 94 – 243 Bowery New York 10002



Colony: Frontier Wars

NGV Australia – Until Sept 02, 2018 Melbourne (Australia)


It’s frequently said that Australians don’t know or care much about their own history. And have little understanding of what occurred during colonisation. But the artists who were creating work on both sides of the black-white divide captured extraordinary landscapes. Scenes of colonial developments and scenes of conflict that offer a colourful glimpse into our frequently dark past. These dual exhibitions show the collision of western and Indigenous art. And trace how an Australian artistic expression came to be.


Colony: Frontier Wars NGV 2018Colony: Frontier WarsColony: Frontier Wars NGV 2018

The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia – Federation Square, Flinders St & Russell Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australie




Jonathan DeDecker

Marvin Gardens Gallery – Until Aug 26, 2018 New York


This Tucson native’s funky cartoonish. Figure paintings are consistent with a widespread trend among millennial artists who raid outsider art. Along with the more obscure reaches of pop culture. For their work. What sets DeDecker apart. However, are thickly built up surfaces collaged. With an all-over debris field that comprises slats from discarded venetian blinds. Plastic toys, crushed soda cans and presumably anything. Else he can get his hands on. The images limned over this mess include. Characters who appear to be cavorting with joy. Though you get the nagging sensation that their exuberance may be irrational if not delusional.


Jonathan DeDecker, “Infinity Land”

Marvin Gardens Gallery – 1532 Decatur St Ridgewood, Queens New York




Chiharu Shiota

Kenji Taki Gallery – Until Sep 15, 2018 Tokyo (Japan)


Born Osaka, Japan 1972. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Over the course of the past three decades, Chiharu Shiota has built a stellar international career, exhibiting widely in major museums across Europe, Asia and Australia.

Chiharu Shiota is best known for intricate. And large-scale installations that explore complex relationships between body and mind. She maps elusive sensations of emotion and memory by weaving tangible objects – clothing. Musical instruments. Furniture. Letters, and even an incinerated piano – into extensive. Tangled webs created with hundreds of metres of delicate thread. By capturing objects in this way. The artist creates atmospheric. Otherworldly environments that inspire reflection on things past and meditation on future dreams.

Shiota has studied in several countries including at Canberra School of Art. Australian National University in 1994. Kyoto Seika University, Japan in 1996. Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Braunschweig, Germany in 1999 and at Universität der Künste, Berlin in 2003.


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Chiharu Shiota"Image associée

Kenji Taki Gallery – 3 Chome-18-2 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0023, Japon




Leelee Kimmel

Simon Gallery – Until Aug 30, 2018 London


As part of its Viewing Room programme. Simon Lee Gallery is pleased to present Wormhole a solo exhibition by New York-based artist Leelee Kimmel. Her first in the UK. In her latest work, Kimmel presents a series of large-scale abstract paintings that are confrontational in both colour and dimension, exploring themes of creation and destruction. The immersive element of her work is further developed through sculptural pieces. And a five-minute Virtual Reality work that invites total submergence. Into the deep space of Kimmel’s creative world.

The large-format paintings feature graphic shapes. Clustered in thick multilayered pools of bright acrylic paint. Which weave across fields of solid white or black. The paintings are imbued with a restless energy. And freedom that is intrinsically linked with how the artist creates her works. The resulting compositions deliberately move in and out of representation. Sensuous and strict. Gloss and matte. Tangled and full. The complex patch-work of imagery. Consisting of crosshatch and opposing vector-like lines. And patterns as well as interrupting biomorphic forms. Has an otherworldly quality. Forceful and nervous lines are reminiscent of artists such as Basquiat and Twombly. While the uncanny worlds and dreamlike atmospheres created by the artist emerge into a sort of mutant realism.


Leelee Kimmel: Wormhole review

Simon Lee gallery – 12 Berkeley St, Mayfair, London W1J 8DT, Royaume-Uni




Matthew Morrocco

Pioneer Works Center – Until Aug 26, 2018 Brooklyn (USA)


Queer identity is given a formalist gloss in these photos featuring figures. cCad Spiderman-like in full-body stockings representing hues on the color spectrum. In an homage to Ellsworth’s Kelly painting series on the same subject.

Matthew Morrocco (b. 1989, Providence, RI) received a BA in Critical Theory and Photography from NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study in 2012. And an MFA in Visual Art from Columbia University in 2015. His work has received grant support from the New York Foundation of the Arts. A blade of grass, NYU, and Columbia University. Recent exhibitions include Medium of Desire at the Leslie Lohman Museum and Complicit at NYU’s Gallatin Gallery. His book, Complicit, will be published in September 2018 with Matte Editions.


Pioneer Works Center –  159 Pioneer St, Brooklyn, NY 11231, États-Unis





Karma Gallery – 23 Sep, 2018, New-York (USA)


It’s been 66 years since Gertrude Abercrombie (1909–1977) last exhibited in NYC. So it’s been awhile since New Yorkers. Have been able to acquaint themselves with the work of this midcentury Surrealist painter. Who was born in Texas.. And spent most of her life living in Chicago’s Hyde Park. Modest in scale. Abercrombie’s compositions. Typically done in oils on masonite. Feature cryptic landscapes and interiors. That serve as backdrops for the artist’s personal iconography of doors. Cats. Owls and ladders. Which she often combines with her own self making mysterious appearances. Fraught with psychological drama.


TackedCountry Fried

Karma Gallery – 188 E 2nd St, New York, NY 10009, États-Unis



Marco Tirelli

Axel Vervoordt Gallery – Until Sep 01, 2018 (Hong Kong)


An exhibition by Italian artist Marco Tirelli, featuring medium and small size paintings specifically created for the show.

Tirelli’s artistic philosophy consists in geometrical figures. Rectangular and square structures delicately suspended. In a tension between light and darkness.  His enigmatic forms reflect. A number of Tirelli’s enduring preoccupations with time. Space and what lies beyond.

With their different architectural features and arresting contrasts of lights and shadows. Nuances of modern- sfumato. Tthe works evoke a fluctuation between appearance. And disappearance which epitomize the artist’s vision – a search for the mystery of the visible and its concomitant inner reflection. And his aspiration to elicit active sensorial and mental participation from the viewer. “I’m fascinated by surfaces and what is on the other side of them.“ says the artist. – 30 Queen’s Road Central, Wan Chai, Hong Kong




“The Party”

Anton Kern Gallery – Until Aug 31, 2018


Organized by L.A. curator Ali Subotnick. “The Party” takes its name from 1968 comedy that starred comic genius Peter Sellars. As a bumbling (what other type of Sellars character is there?). Indian actor, wrecking havoc at a lavish Hollywood party in an equally outlandish house. Despite the fact that Sellars played the role in brown face (a definite no-no today). The movie is considered a cult classic, mainly because of its experimental, improvisational style.

*Subotnick asked some of the artists to create works that took cues from the film. Maurizio Cattelan, for example. Also, contributes a live parrot making noises in the gallery. An idea that seems inspired by a moment when Sellars’s character makes an abortive attempt to feed the host’s macaw. Which literally sits in a giant gilded cage. While it’s hard to judge whether. Hence, the show matches the subversive humor of Blake’s mid-century masterpiece. Finally, he 15 artists here (who, beside Cattelan. Also includes Martin Creed and Sean Landers) certainly give it a shot.



Anton Kern Gallery – 16 E 55th St, New York, NY 10022, (US)





Annenberg Space for Photography – Until Sep09, 2018 Los Angeles


Specializing in photography, this privately funded space takes an innovative approach to displaying its digital and print works. More than just images on a wall, exhibits at the Annenberg often incorporate videos and/or music, creating a more dynamic experience for the visitor. The free admission and $1 parking help attract a younger crowd to the otherwise more corporate neighborhood. Bring a date on a Saturday evening and spend 30 minutes wandering through the gallery before catching a movie across the street at the Century City AMC. During the summer, Saturday evening concerts in partnership with KCRW turn the space into a vibrant hot spot.


Annenberg Space for Photography – 2000 Avenue of the Stars Los Angeles 90067




Ronnie van Hout

Buxton Contemporary – Until October23, 2018 Melbourn (Australia)


Ronnie van Hout has been creating aliens, robots and lonely figures for more than 30 years, confounding and thrilling art fans in equal measure with his uniquely funny brand of existential absurdism. He’s best known for creating sculptures that depict himself as a childlike figure, but has created work across video, photography, installation, sculpture and text.

This exhibition marks Buxton Contemporary’s first survey of an artist’s work since it opened earlier this year. There’ll be more than 20 of Van Hout’s works on display, drawn from both private collections and major public institutions. The works take inspiration from sci-fi, cults, classic cinema and even art history. The exhibition also features two brand new works.


Ronnie van Hout: No One is Watching YouImage associée

Buxton Contemporary –  Dodds St &, Southbank Blvd, Southbank VIC 3006, Australie




JR (French)


Gallery Perrotin New-York JUNE 28/ AUGUST 17, 2018


This show represents the NYC gallery debut of the French street artist. Known for pasting giant posters of faces or facial features on buildings around the world. The 2011 TED Prize winner presents versions of his work reworked for a gallery setting.


Website :




Conceptual Art And Photography (1960 – 1980)

Gallery Richard Saltoun – until 25 Aug, 2018 London


Forget how many words a picture is worth; what about how many ideas it’s worth? This neat little show is filled with art where ideas are captured in images. The thing you see isn’t necessarily the work, but a representation of the concept… which is the work. You follow? It’s conceptual art through photography, essentially.

It’s slippery and complicated, sure. But take Dennis Oppenheim’s ‘Reading Position for Second Degree Burn’. The top half of the image features the artist lying on a beach, a book splayed open on his chest. The bottom half is him five hours later, burnt to porcine pink perfection, save for a square of pure white skin where the book had been. It’s not really a photo, it’s an idea.

The same goes for lots of the work here. Like Eleanor Antin’s series of images of black boots in different parts of the USA. The galoshes represent displaced people, a powerful political statement. But what makes this piece work isn’t the images, but the way they were distributed – shared as postcards, becoming a piece of mail art in the process. Again, it’s the idea that wins.

There are clever works here by Marcel Broodthaers and Hans-Peter Feldmann as well. But too much here strays from conceptual art and its relationship to photography into documentation of performance art. It may seem like not much of a distinction, but it makes a difference. One captures an idea, a concept, the other is documentation of something that happened once. There’s nothing terribly wrong with that, but it is a lot less interesting.


Aktion. Courtesy of Richard Saltoun GalleryAktion: Conceptual Art And Photography (1960 - 1980) reviewAktion. Courtesy of Richard Saltoun Gallery

Richard Saltoun Gallery – 41 Dover Street  London, W1S 4NS United Kingdom




Patrick Willocq (French)

Songs of the Walés

F22 Foto Space – July 11/28, 2018 – Hong Kong (China)


Acclaimed French photographer Patrick Willocq brings to Hong Kong his stunning photos captured in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Willocq’s works are a result of a unique collaboration with the Walé, Congolese pygmy women who are first-time mothers, and transforms and adapts traditional dances and songs during the mother’s seclusion into photographs. Taken from hand-built stages, Willocq’s images are stunning and visceral, reflecting the experiences of these young mothers as closely as possible and to share with the world this symbolic rite of passage.


Patrick Willocq: Songs of the Walés

f22 foto space –  5/F Amber Commercial Building,, 70-74 Morrison Hill Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong




Sony World Photography Awards 2018

The Willy-Brandt-Haus – 13 July/09sept 2018 Berlin


The Sony World Photography Award was launched in 2007 and has been presented annually since then. Every year numerous photographers take part in the competition. In 2018, with Candida Höfer, a German photographer was awarded the “Outstanding Contribution to Photography” for the first time.
The best in contemporary photography
The exhibition honours works from the entire spectrum of photography: whether art student, amateur or professional photographer, photos are shown from every perspective and in every style. British photographer Alys Tomlinson Pilger documents her travels in striking black and white photographs, Samuel Bolduc follows the pollution caused by plastic in his pictures and Balazs Gardi shows the sporting battle for a headless calf in Afghanistan.


China, Commented

Willy-Brandt-Haus – Stresemannstraße 28- 10963Berlin




Halil Altındere

Space Refugee (2016–18)

The British Interplanetary – 9–15 July 2018 London


Space Refugee is a multi-media installation based on Muhammed Ahmed Faris, the first Syrian cosmonaut to travel to the Mir space station in 1987. The project follows Faris’ journey from popular hero, to supporter of the opposition movement against Assad, to his current life as a refugee in Turkey. Presented in the manner of an old fashioned space museum, this installation combines faux commemorative artefacts and a virtual reality work designed by the artist with elements from the British Interplanetary Society’s own collection.

At the core of the installation is a video in which Faris relates the difficulties of the journey out of Syria, then speaks with fellow refugees about the possibility of returning to their homeland. If that proves impossible, he says, “I hope we can rebuild cities for them in space, where there is freedom and dignity and where there is no tyranny, no injustice.” The video goes on to include interviews with NASA scientists, air and space law specialists, and architects discussing the plausibility of a refugee colony in space.

Halil Altındere (b. 1971, Turkey) has a wide-ranging practice that includes video, sculpture, photography, installation, performance, curating and publishing. He often employs an ironic approach to challenge political, cultural and social systems. In his early works he reversed conceptions of nation-state and authority in Turkey by utilising everyday objects such as identity cards, banknotes, and stamps. His current practice focuses on issues of subcultures, migration, identity, gender and marginalisation.


Halil Altindere, installation shot of Image associée

The British Interplanetary Society : 27-29 S Lambeth Rd, London SW8 1SZ, England





White rabbit Gallery – Until August 5, 2018 Sydney (Australia)


There are only nine artists in White Rabbit’s The Sleeper Awakes, which takes over four floors of the Chippendale gallery. But there’s certainly no shortage of showstoppers or big ideas on display from these forward-thinking practitioners.

The exhibition itself is a conversation between China’s present and the future that Mao Zedong and his communist revolutionaries dreamed of 70 years ago. Nowhere is this conversation more apparent than in Feng Mengbo’s ‘Long March—Restart’, an old arcade style video game projected onto the gallery’s walls. Visitors are welcome to play what seems to be just a cute game with a Mario-esque figure as the hero. But the game is actually a reimagining of the Long March, the military retreat that Mao used as a tool of propaganda, making a hero out of Yang Zirong, a Red Army soldier. In this version, the soldier hurls Coke cans (could there be a more potent symbol for capitalism?) at his foes.

Painting machine.

One of the strangest works on show is Liu Xiaodong’s ‘Weight of Insomnia’, featuring a painting machine meticulously recreating vision from a live webcam showing footage of Circular Quay and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The robotic brush continues to move throughout night and day creating its own impression of the cityscape.

At the centre of the exhibition is Sun Xun’s ‘The Republic of Jing Bang’, which uses an entire floor of the gallery. He combines painting, woodcuts, traditional Chinese ink and charcoal drawings in this mammoth installation. On the top floor, visitors can also see the Australian premiere of his 3D movie ‘Time Spy’, an animation made with around 10,000 hand-carved wood cuttings.

The other major video work in the exhibition is Xu Bing’s ‘Dragonfly Eyes’, a feature-length film made up from footage from 30,000 webcams all across China. The footage has been cut into a bizarre but totally gripping narrative.

And no White Rabbit exhibition would be complete without an attention-grabbing foyer installation, and Peng Hung-Chih’s ‘The Deluge—Noah’s Ark’ is somewhat of a showstopper. The eight-metre distorted cruiseliner is made up of 6,000 separate 3D-printed pieces.


White Rabbit Gallery – 30 Balfour St, Chippendale NSW 2008, Australie




Ragnar Kjartansson

A Journey That Wasn’t

The Broad – Saturday, July 28, 2018 Los Angeles (US)


Ragnar Kjartansson’s mesmerizing, musical video installation The Visitors returns as part of this free exhibition about the passage of time. The show includes more than 50 works from the likes of Gregory Crewdson, Andreas Gursky, Glenn Ligon and Anselm Kiefer. The exhibition also marks the L.A. debut of works from Sharon Lockhart, Sherrie Levine and Ed Ruscha, whose monumental diptych Azteca/Azteca in Decline will be on display.


“A Journey That Wasn’t”

Website : The Broad 221 S Grand Ave Los Angeles 90012





Mayor Gallery – July 27, 2018 London


‘Writing New Codes’ presents three major pioneers of computer art – Waldemar Cordeiro (b. 1925 Rome, Italy – d. 1973 São Paulo, Brazil). Robert Mallary (b. 1917 Toledo, USA – d. 1997 Northampton, USA)

and Vera Molnár (b.1924 Budapest, Hungary) from three different corners of the globe with early computer art from 1969 – 1977. Although each has an original style and distinctive approach. Influenced by aspects of Constructivism, Op Art, Systems Art and Conceptualism and Concrete art. With these works can be seen a similar modernist aesthetic and common interest in exploiting the unique capabilities inherent in the computer. Artists have always been early adopters of new technology. But the complexity and rarity of computers. Meant that any art form based around them was bound to be a particularly specialised branch of modernism.


<span class="artist"><strong>ROBERT MALLARY</strong></span>, <span class="title"><em>Incremental series</em>, 1970</span><span class="artist"><strong>VERA MOLNÁR</strong></span>, <span class="title"><em>Untitled</em>, 1972</span><span class="artist"><strong>WALDEMAR CORDEIRO</strong></span>, <span class="title"><em>The Woman that is Not B.B. (Brigitte Bardot)</em>, 1971</span>

The Mayor Gallery – 21 Cork Street, First Floor, London W1S 3LZ, Royaume-Uni




Sam Durant

Paula Cooper Gallery – Until July 27, 2018 New-york (USA)


Sam Durant is a multimedia artist whose works engage a variety of social. Political, and cultural issues. Often referencing American history, first of all his work explores.The varying relationships between culture and politics. Engaging subjects as diverse as the civil rights movement. Southern rock music, and finally, modernism.

His work has been widely exhibited internationally and in the United States. He has had solo museum exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen, Dusseldorf. S.M.A.K., Ghent, Belgium and the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery in New Zealand. Also, his work has been included in the Panamá, Sydney. Venice and Whitney Biennales. Durant shows with several galleries including Blum and Poe in Los Angeles. Paula Cooper Gallery in New York, Praz-Delavallade in Paris. And Sadie Coles Gallery in London.


In 2006 as a result, he compiled and edited a comprehensive monograph. Of Black Panther artist Emory Douglas’ work. Also, his recent curatorial credits include. Eat the Market at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Black Panther. The Revolutionary Art of Emory Douglas at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. And the New Museum in New York. He has co-organized numerous group shows and artists benefits. And is a co-founder of Transforma, a cultural rebuilding collective project that began in New Orleans. He was a finalist for the 2008 Hugo Boss Prize.


Paula Project institute and York Arts museum serve as home to many valuable artsSam Durant - A Proposal for a Museum Public Fountain - Image via sadiecolescomSam Durant - Installation view at Blum & Poe Museum - Image via blumandpoecom

Paula Cooper Gallery: 534 WEST 21ST STREET NY, NY 10011 (USA)




Francesco Pergolesi

Catherine Edelman Gallery –  Until, July 7, 2018. Chicago (US)


Worn tools, scribbled equations and disassembled. Clockworks are magnified in Italian photographer Francesco Pergolesi’s latest show. Which depicts the worktables of artists and artisans. “Tableaux” hence, treats the places where creation takes place as a canvas. Exploring the waysalso  in which the spaces where we work. Can serve as documents of the transformations. That take place within them.


Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 4.11.04 PM21-12, 2018 © Francesco PergolesiEnigma, 2017 © Francesco Pergolesi

Catherine Edelman Gallery – 300 W Superior St – Chicago




World Press Photo 18

Cultural Center Willy-Brandt-Haus 08 June/01 July 2018 Berlin (Germany)


Events Happening the annual World Press Photo Award.

The jury selected around 73,000 photos from 4500 photographers. First of all, the winning photos will be shown in an exhibition in over 45 countries. The exhibition World Press Photo was compiled from the winning photos. Of the various categories and will be on view for the 15th time. In the Willy-Brandt-Haus in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

About the World Press Photo Foundation

Since 1955, hence the mission of the World Press Photo Foundation has been. “to maintain high professional standards in photojournalism and to advocate a free.

Parallel photo Events Happening on Nelson Mandela

Parallel to the exhibition of the winners of World Press Photo 18. The pictures of the photographers Louise Gubb and Jürgen Schadeberg. Will also be shown on the occasion of Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday. From 8 June to 9 Sep 2018. Schadeberg accompanied Mandela in the 1950s and 1960s. Finally, Gubb documented his career as a politician in the 1990s.


World Photo Press 18

Cultural Center – Stresemannstraße 28-10963 Berlin





Skarstedt Gallery – June 26 /August 3, 2018 New York (Us)


Richard Prince was born in Panama in 1949. First of al he began consolidating. His style during the early 1970s. When he began working with photos and found advertising images. He became known for these works. In which re-photographed and cropped advertisements are displayed. On their own or in groups to emphasize the subtle. Yet powerful impact of mass media images in shaping contemporary consumer culture. As a result, Prince continued to use appropriated imagery, particularly humorous cartoons. Also, and mismatched jokes, that he copied onto large.

These works evolved to eventually include mostly text based elements manipulated in a painterly manner. Also, within them, medium and text overlap in playful ways. Demonstrating the subjective nature of meaning and reflecting Prince’s preoccupation. With notions of contemporary culture. Also, Prince is also well known for his sculptural work as well as his famous Nurse Paintings. Which take figures from medical romance novels and transform them into striking. Mysterious and sometimes gruesome characters. Finally, Recent works are also painterly in nature and include abstract figuration elements. Highly influenced by the works of Willem de Kooning.


Skarstedt Gallery – 20 East 79th Street New York 10075





Galerie Laurent Godin – Saturday 23 June 2018 – Paris (France)


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "HOMMAGE À ALAN VEGA"

Born on June 23, 1938 in Brooklyn, Alan Vega would have turned 80 this year.
Also, half of the legendary electronic group and protopunk “Suicide”. Songwriter but also a visual artist, Alan Vega was one of the iconic figures of the punk rock scene and international art of the 70s to 2000.

On the occasion of its birthday posthumous, Saturday, June 23, on an idea of ​​Liz Lamere (woman of Alan Vega) produced by Alain Lahana (production The Rat of Cities). And under the artistic direction of Marc Hurtado. This new place pays homage to this mythical figure of the underground scene. Through an evening dedicated to his subversive work and his disruptive creative world.

This evening will be like Alan Vega and his artistic legacy.
On the program: screenings, an exhibition, a series of concerts and a signature.

This evening will coincide also, with an Events Happening, “Double Life” at Galerie Laurent Godin
The opportunity for all to rediscover this artist. The power of his work and the scope of his artistic heritage.

Events : Openig Friday 22 june / 6.30 PM

Galerie Laurent Godin – 36 bis Rue Eugene Oudiné 75013 Paris, France



Giulia Dall’Olio, Suspension

MASSEY KLEIN GALLERY (New York) Jun 15th /Jul 15th –


Massey Klein is pleased to present Suspension, a solo Events Happening. Of oil paintings and charcoal works on paper by Giulia Dall’Olio. Also. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition in New York. Please join us on Friday, June 15th from 6-8pm for the opening reception.


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Giulia Dall'Olio"Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Giulia Dall'Olio"

Jun 15th – Jul 15th

MASSEY KLEIN GALLERY – New York, 124 Forsyth Street  


Exposition – Exhibition (Belgium)

Events Happening :The Ring of the First Art  by Jean-Jacques Oppringils



Happenart- events

Detail : Events Happening 

– Also, on-site visit : 40 artworks from Jean-Jacques Oppringils. (size : 180 cm by 120 cm). Spread over a 250-meter walk. Complemented by 11 lecterns displaying the story. “The Echo of the First Art” based on the artworks and written by Lucie Delvigne

– On the Internet : pictures of the exhibition and a video of all artworks with a narration of the story by the comedian Marie-Cécile Gueguen (subtitles in English and other languages are available).

Where : Parc communal de Tertre – Site de l’administration communale – rue de Chièvres 17 – 7333 TERTRE – Belgium (free entry)

From April 30 to September 30, 2018 from 9 AM to 8 PM.

From October 1st to October 30, 2018 from 9 AM to 6 PM

More information :

Facebook :

Contact :

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Artist Directory First page.


Jean-Luc Parant

Painter, Sculptor, Writer

Location : French


Jean-Luc Parant is a French artist, writer and poet. Whose entire work bears witness to a singular obsession with the eyes. And an incessant experience of seeing as a process. He described himself as early as the 1970s as a “manufacturer of balls and texts on the eyes”. His artistic and literary work is a poetic and multifaceted investigation around the eyes. Beyond the organ of vision and symbol. Jean-Luc Parant’s eyes are expressed by the hands, by the words. By the balls, to make it emerge from the night. Tirelessly, existence. He also formed with Titi Parant a couple of artists who have been working together for several decades.


Jean Luc ParantRésultat de recherche d'images pour "jean luc parant"

Website :




Wang Yuyang

Painter, Mix-Media

Location : China


WANG Yuyang (born in 1979) is a graduate of the China Central Academy of Drama and the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Currently living in Beijing, he has been teaching at the School of Experimental Art at the Central Academy of Fine Arts since 2008. WANG Yuyang creates works using emerging media but does not deliberately emphasize the novelty of technology. He is more interested in the artistic talent engendered by “outdated” technology. The “destructive” aesthetic and the waste of materials. His work used all possible media. He often uses humor. Fiction and shows. He explores and reflects on the relationship between the human body. Experience and cognition. At the same time, he also studies the relationship between artificial reality. Media technology and historical perception.


Wang YuyangRésultat de recherche d'images pour "Wang Yuyang"artists directory

Website :




Artist Directory

Monika Grzymala

Installation, Mix-Media

Location : Poland


If the drawing, as Paul Klee said. It is “taking a line for a walk”. Monika Grzymala’s installations are more like taking a line. On a high energy gymnastics marathon. For over a decade. Gryzmala has traveled the world armed only with numerous rolls of tape. She uses to create works with expressive power. And the energy belies their banal origins.


artists directoryartists directory

Website :




Artist Directory

Eugenio Cuttica

Painter, Sculptor

Location : Argentina


Contemporary artist born in Buenos Aires on April 3, 1957. Belonging to the intermediate generation. Eugenio has exhibited for over 30 years in galleries. museums and cultural centers. International fairs, etc. His work is based on a strong imprint of synchronicity. Also, of connection to what he calls the infinite frequency without temporal dimension. Her work considers beauty as a concept. Not as an intellectual construction. But like something that just happens. It appeals to the idea that the artist is like a vehicle of energy. Who’s passing and he’s a stranger. Throughout his strong conviction. It highlights another invisible reality. Eugenio Cuttica’s masterpieces establish a certain connection with his spectators. A connection that allows viewers to rediscover a state of contemplation.


Artists directoryartists directoryRésultat de recherche d'images pour "EUGENIO CUTTICA"

Website :




Artist Directory

David Mach

Sculptor, Installation

Location: Scotland


The artist David Mach was born in 1956 in Methil, Scotland. David Mach has become known for his impressive ephemeral installations. Such as, Polaris, life-size submarine. Realized with recovery tires in London in 1983. The use of the same type of object led him to use phone books. Also, thousands of magazines. Electric cables or any consumer product. He creates spectacular installations. Objects, pianos. Statues. Cars. Trucks seem swept away by the dynamic flow of stacked and arranged newspapers.


Associated with the New English Sculpture. David Mach exploits aesthetics. And the proliferation of manufactured objects. The humor is permanent. Sculptures assembling animals and objects from the universe of household appliances or sports.


Website :




Artist Directory

Joël Andrianomearisoa

Installation, Mix-Média

Location : France


Enriched with the know-how of Madagascar. He works with fibers. Silk or essences of rare plants. He trained as an architect at the Special School of Architecture with Odile Decq. Joël Andrianomearisoa is sensitive to all subjects. Tissues and papers to plastics. Dark atmospheres. Black is its reference color. Also, he plays with all the techniques. Drawing. Installation. Performance. Video. Photography.


artists directoryRésultat de recherche d'images pour "Joël Andrianomearisoa"artists directory

Website :




Artist Directory

Daniel Knorr

Painter, Sculptor, Performer

Location : Bucarest (Roumania)


Daniel Knorr (1968, Bukarest, RO) is a contemporary Romanian artist. Also, he is known for his projects that use materials. Such as cocaine. Potholes. Smoke to trigger debates on political and theoretical content. Widely worried about the notions of emptiness. Representation and fantasy. Texts, sculptures, graphic works. Knorr’s performance defends his interests in a controversial manner.


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "daniel knorr painting"artists directoryDaniel Knorr

Website :




Artist Directory

Mike Parr

Painter, Performer

Location : Australia


Mike Parr is widely regarded as one of the most successful Australian artists of his generation. His work is imbued with a strongly cathartic presence. The direct result of his personally demanding work processes. Mike Parr has directed more than 1,000 works. As part of his self-imposed series ‘Self-Portrait’. Auusi, in a range of media including performance ,. Installation. Sculpture. Drawing. Dry point etching and photography.


Artists directoryMike Parr stands in the middle of a roughly painted black square on white gallery wall, his body and clothes covered in paint.Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mike parr biography"

Website :



Artist Directory

Saad Qureshi

Sculptor, Painter

Location : England


Saad Qureshi’s practice is based on the inefficiency of the lived experience. The processes of interpretation of objects. Landscapes and the way memory treats them over time.
His sculptures give shape to ideas. To the stories by which we give meaning to human existence.


artists directory

Website :




Artist Directory

Paolo Grassino

Sculptor, Installation

Location : Italy


Paolo Grassino (Turin, Italy, 1967). With his work offers a reflection on the drift of modern society. Suspended at the limit between natural and artificial. His work also focuses on research that finds all the meaning of manual skills. Grassino works with synthetic rubber and polystyrene. But also with more traditional materials. Wax and solid concrete. With his slow and patient weaving work. The artist brings his work to a spectacular level


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Paolo Grassino"

Website :




Artist Directory

Kirsten Justesen

Sculptor, Installation

Location : Danish


Kirsten Justesen studied classical sculpture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. She graduated in 1975.
Its activities cover a wide range of genres. From body art and performance to sculpture and installation. Justesen was part of the avant-garde scene of the 1960s. She became a pioneering figure in three-dimensional art modes. Which incorporate the body of the artist as an artistic material. These experiences led her to feminist art. Who challenged traditional value systems in the 1970s. His later work is broader research on the relationships between the body. Space and language Circolo Justesen publishes 2 books. One on the rumors of St. Catherine of Alexandra. And the other on feminist aesthetics of the 1970s.


Exhibition view »FEMINIST AVANT-GARDE of the 1970s«

Website :




Artist Directory


Shinichi Maruyama

Painter, Sculptor, Photographer

Location : Japan


Shinichi Maruyama was born in 1968 in Nagano. Japan. He studied at Chiba University. He worked as a member of Hakuhodo Photo Creative. As well as freelance photographer from 1992 to 1998. In Japan, the artist traveled frequently to Tibet. He realised two books of photographs. On the region of the valley of Spiti. And the valley of Spiti and Spiti.


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Shinichi Maruyama"Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Shinichi Maruyama"

Website :




Artist Directory


Painter, Street Art

Location : Saint-Etienne (France)


Ella & Pitr are a duet of French artists. In a decade, they have become a legendary street art duo. Combining the ruinous beauty of abandoned places. With optical illusions. They create unusual murals that turn surfaces into whimsical playgrounds. Their artistic approach. It consists mainly of pasting original posters on the walls of the city. In order to be around these plaster characters of a “family”. Silent and ephemeral urban witnesses. The choice of workplaces is taking shape while walking. Wandering from wall to wall. Until find the context that corresponds to one of their wallpapers.


Website :




Artist Directory

Collective : Numen / For Use

Social Sculpture, Installation

Location : Berlin, Wien, Zagreb


Numen / For Use is a collective working in the fields of conceptual art. Cenography Industrial and spatial design. The group was formed for the first time in 1998. It was a collaboration between industrial designers Sven Jonke. Christoph Katzler. And Nikola Radeljković under the banner For Use.

Collective identity.

In 1999, they established Numen as a collective identity. Covering all projects done outside the field of industrial design. The first companies in the group are characterized by impersonal design experiences. Formal radical reduction. Deeply rooted in the tradition of high modernism. And mainly applied to various synergistic projects of total design in Croatia.


From 2004, after having set up a specific large-scale project. For the production of Inferno at the National Theater Center of Madrid. Numen / For Use is very interested in scenography. Other achievements in theaters across Europe ensue.

Since 2008, the collective focuses on the configuration of objects. Concepts without predefined function. An activity that leads to more hybrid work. And experimental such as the N-Light series and the installation of tapes.



Website : Collective Numen / For Use 




Artist Directory

Janaina Mello Landini

Visual Artist, Installation

Location : Brasil


Born in São Gotardo, MG (1974). Janaina lives and works in Sao Paulo. She graduated in Architecture in 1999. And studied Fine Arts from 2004 to 2007. Both in the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), Brazil.

Her artistic output encompasses her knowledge of architecture. Physics and mathematic and her observations about time. To weave her worldview. Her work transits between different scales. From the object to public spaces.


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Janaina Mello Landini"

Website –




Artist Directory

Miles Johnston


Location : London (England)


Miles Johnston was born in the United Kingdom in 1993. He spent the early years of his childhood in Brunei, Borneo. Which, had a major impact on Him. The totally different environment gave early intuition that there was no real “normal”. In hindsight. He was always interested in anything that could transform his perception of the mundane. From mathematics. Physical. Philosophy and art. He always wanted to see the world around him as if it was the first time. Also, he always felt the sublime strangeness. Terrifying and impressive to be.


artists directoryRésultat de recherche d'images pour "Miles Johnston"

Website :



Artist Directory

Jason deCaires Taylor

Sculptor, Visual Artist

Location : England


Jason deCaires Taylor is a sculptor. Underwater photographer and autonomous diver. He showed his immense love for the aquatic world through his underwater sculptures. They slowly turn into coral reefs. Taylor’s evolving sculptures support the life cycle of aquatic organisms. They are made of cement with a neutral pH. Which means that Taylor does not only care about the aesthetic properties of his works. But also their functionality and their biological vocation. Taylor is also known for being the founder of the world’s largest water museum in Mexico. Also, for its ongoing efforts to preserve fragile or already threatened marine habitats.


Artists directoryJason jason sculpture museum sculpture museum Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Jason deCaires Taylor"

Website :



Artist Directory

Tung Ming-Chin


Location: Taïwan


The Taiwanese artist Dong Mingqin. Described the objects and characters that were trying to break free. Trapped in the carved wood. To express the idea of a psychological prison. The artist has created a series of impressive psychological themes. In 2013, he created the breath. Also: “a metaphor for the transformation of physical space into a mental space affected by vision”. Placed in the box. The wooden bumps protrude upwards. While below, a pop-up window. A single member leaves enough mystery to allow the viewer. To find his own explanation.


artists directory

Website :



Jenny Saville


Location : England


In a society often obsessed with physical appearance. Jenny Saville has created a niche for overweight women in contemporary visual culture. Known primarily for her large-scale paintings of obese women. Saville has recently broken into the contemporary art world. With the help of gallery owner and art collector Charles Saatchi. Rising quickly to great critical and public recognition. In part through Saatchi’s patronage. Saville has been heralded for creating conceptual art through. The use of a classical standard. The figure painting.


Artists directoryArtists directoryRésultat de recherche d'images pour "Jenny Saville"

Website :



Tony Toscani


Location : Brooklyn (USA)


Brooklyn-based artist Tony Toscani. Produce paintings for all those who have already spent a Friday night preparing to go out. Sitting on their couch. We scroll down for a minute on Instagram. And again looked up three hours later. To find that the sun had risen. the party is almost over. Before giving up completely the idea in favor of bedtime only.

Soporific stupor.

His lively figurative paintings. Represent beautiful and young people sinking in stupor stupor. Apparently induced by the abundance of contemporary life. Character as recognizable as they are shocking. They are from us, we realize quickly. As well as our friends and peers. We are the subject of this aesthetic study. And we did not even know we were participating.


Artists DirectoryTony Toscani, Before Sleep, 2018, Oil on Linen, 32Tony Toscani, Checking Instagram, 2018, Oil on LinTony Toscani, Woman In Brown Pants, 2018, Oil on

Website :



Oscar Munoz

Painter, Sculptor, Photographer

Location : Colombia

Oscar Muñoz’s oeuvre shows its hermeneutic possibilities. By simply describing it. The series “Aliento” (breath) consists of polished steel mirrors. In whose surface an image has been drawn with a greasy medium. However, the image is not visible to the viewer unless he/she fogs the mirror with his/her breath. Otherwise, he/she only sees him/herself as in a regular mirror.


Artists DirectoryRésultat de recherche d'images pour "Oscar Munoz"Palimpsesto, 2014 by Oscar Muñoz

Website –



Alejandro Berconsky


Location : France


Alejandro Berconsky was born in Buenos Aires in 1969. He moved to Caracas, Venezuela, with his family where he grew up. He began his studies in media but soon discovered that his passion was elsewhere.

His work oscillates between beauty and aggression. Sensuality and hardness. The organic nature and the geometry of form, like in his series entitled “Spheroids”.

From the spheres and the spheroids, Berconsky moves on to the “Amalgams”. A series of hybrid creations. Which are as close as it gets to depicting the anthropomorphic form. This work, often provocative and with a tongue-in-cheek playfulness. Reveals the artist’s sense of humour. Like several pieces of his “Amalgam” series. Where he incorporates hundreds of colourful marble balls.


Website :



Tracy Sarroff

Painter, Mix-Media

Location : Melbourne (Australia)


My practice is cross-media. Ideas about ecology. Also, to overlapping concerns between art. Science underlie many of my projects. While their shape stems from the basic structural composition of living things. In addition, their growth and transformation. Patterns, structures and fragments are extracted from the natural world and recombined. What prevails is the interest in our relationships with ecology and science. The creative boundaries of what is both imaginary and real.


CongruoArtist directoryBarbecue Stalagmites, Balloon DrumsticksCongruo

Website :




Lee Jae Hyo


Location : Seoul (Korea)


Lee Jaehyo is a Korean sculptor. Who has exhibited extensively in his homeland and in Europe. He makes free-standing sculptures and reliefs from humble. Almost mundane, materials. Principally logs and steel nails. These are transformed with great skill. And hours of industrious toil into lustrous and refined objects. Their highly polished and burnished surfaces express. An attention to detail and a painstaking concern. For disclosing the innate beauty of the material. These unique forms are derived. From the interdependence of man-made and natural. Their structural integrity relies. On the contrasting combination of steel and wood.


artists Directory SculptorArtists directory sculpltureJaehyo Lee 이재효 - 0121-1110=107041, 520 x 520 x 520 cm, wood, Korean Eye, Saatchi, 2012

Website :



Artist Directory

Paul Kremer


Location : Chicago (USA)


Paul Kremer is an American painter born in 1971 in Chicago. Designer recognized for many years with Lou Reed. He turned to painting less than ten years ago. He developed an abstract style with simplified patterns. In the apparent colors on the Colorfield board (we think Ellswhorth Kelly). Strongly marked by his experience as a designer: sometimes at the limits of figuration and abstraction. His compositions are monumental and pure. always sought, using great additions of colors. White sheets. A work on a chromatic support and a texture. Thanks to an acrylic treatment process that gives a grain to the hand. Well known in the United States. His first exhibitions in Europe take place in 2017 (Brussels and Donjon de Vez).


artists DirectoryRésultat de recherche d'images pour "PAUL KREMER "Résultat de recherche d'images pour "PAUL KREMER "Résultat de recherche d'images pour "PAUL KREMER"

Website :



Artist Directory

Johnson Tsang

Sculptor, Ceramic

Location : Hong Kong (China)


Born in Hong Kong. Tsang’s works mostly employ realist sculptural techniques. Accompanied by surrealist imagination. In 2002, Tsang started to represent versatile splashes with ceramics. He created the Yuanyang series. Which were then collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Art. And the Yingge Ceramics Museum of Taiwan.


Artists Directory ceramique

Website –



Artist Directory

Masakatsu Sashie

Painter, Mixt-Media

Location : Japan

Masakatsu Sashieis a Japanese artist best known for his orb paintings of fictional world. Filled with futuristic warnings about human’s tendencies. For environmental dominance and over-consumption.

Masakatsu was born in 1974 in city of Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture. He received a MFA from the Kanazaw College of Art in 2000. His birth town is widely known for its rich cultural traditions in arts and crafts. Kanazawa has very difficult geographical accessibility and it owns to this fact a rather unique culture development.


Artists DirectoryMasakatsu Sashie - Wave, 2015directory artist

Website :



Artist Directory

Jiri Geller

Sculptor, Installation 

Location : Finland

Jiri Geller (b. 1970 lives and works in Helsinki). Is known for his detailed sculptures exploring the contemporary pop culture phenomena. His accomplished works serve cold irony. And raw critique by questioning the dominant, neoliberal iconophilia. While never repeating himself. Geller targets the same territory again and again to explore. The idea that what in our contemporaneity is deemed solid. Permanent and valuable is in fact melting, suspect. And utterly transitory. Geller holds MFA from the Institute of Design. At Lahti Polytechnic and he has exhibited various solo shows around Nordic countries. As well as in innumerous international exhibitions globally.


Artists Directory Jiri Gellerin The Big Time on vuodelta 2005, ajalta ennen joulukuun tsunamia. Kuva Johanna Viljakainen

Website :



Artist Directory

Jean Paul Donadini


Location : France

Jean Paul Donadini is a french painter who was born in Troyes, France, in 1951.
He graduated from the Beaux Arts of Troyes in 1971, then the Beaux Arts of Nancy in 1973 and  the Beaux arts of Paris in 1976.
Since then,he has worked and lived in Paris, and has had many personal exhibitions in France and abroad: Londres, New york, Miami, Chicago, Istambul, Dubaï, Séoul, Singapour, Hong-Kong, Paris.

Artists DirectoryRésultat de recherche d'images pour "jean paul donadini exhibition 2019"Image associée

Website :


Artist Directory

Anna Burns and Michael Bodiam

Installation and Photographer

Location : London (England)

Anna Burns is a set designer with a taste for the ambitious. Who could forget her work with Thomas Brown. Where they created B-Movie inspired installations out of flammable umbrellas? For her latest work Anna. Has collaborated with Michael Bodiam on a series inspired by nuclear catastrophe. And our contradictory attitudes towards it – apocalyptic fear. On the one hand and weird fascination on the other.

By creating hobby craft versions of nuclear mushroom clouds using marbles. Flowers. Balloons and the like. The talented pair have created a series which is uncomfortably charming. There’s no trickery here. These were created in camera and are all the more impressive because of it.

Artists Directory

Website :



Artist Directory

Michal Gabriel


Location ; Prague (Czechoslovakia)

After graduating from the fine art secondary school. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague where he studied sculpture .

In 1987 , together with other artists, he created the unconventional art grouping. The Hard Drunken (Tvdrdohlaví). Since 1998 she has been working as a docent at the Department of Fine Arts at Brno Technical College. And at the Prague Academy of Applied Arts in Prague. In 1995 he was awarded the Chalupecký Award for his work . His most renowned works include the works of the Prague Zoo in the Indonesian jungle.

Artists DirectoryRésultat de recherche d'images pour "michal gabriel"

Website ;



Artist Directory

Derick Melander

Painter, Sculptor, Installation

Location : USA

Derick Melander was born in Saratoga Springs, NY in 1964. His father was an abstract painter. Known for combining non-traditional materials such as polystyrene foam. House paint, mirrored glass, and contact paper. In 1985 Derick earned his Associate Degree in Communications from Elizabeth Seton College in Yonkers, NY where he studied radio and film production. Shortly after graduation. He moved to Philadelphia where he worked as an assistant to an artist. Sang in a band and postered the streets with hand-printed graphics and poems.

Website :



Artist Directory

Ines Lara

Sculptor, Ceramist

Location : Mexico

Astonishment, sadness, melancholy. These are the feelings that artist Ines Lara expresses through the feminine figures that make up her work.
Lara’s ceramics create the feelings and emotions she attributes to the essence of being. Reflecting on the fragility of life. And the passage of humanity through it.

Website :



Artist Directory

Cristina Barr


Location : Paris (France)

Cristina Barr was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She lives in Paris for 17 years.

I paint mainly portraits, human beings. Conscientiously, and with a great sense for beauty. I portray models to appeal the beholder, at first sight. Yet, this is not the main motive of my art. Unconscientiously, I move away from the exact copy of reality to express emotional. Spiritual, or metaphysical states of mind. Layer after layer of paint to enter the psychological space of the subjects. Ttheir psyche and the world around them that is transformed. By their own appreciation of reality, in an interplay between abstract and figurative.

Some of my portraits are linked to literary works of English Literature Classics. Embodying personal imagery or collective symbolism. They reflect my ever-lasting love for books and my former career as an English teacher.

I am the author of the novel Violencia de Género, and have also written short stories in Spanish. I am currently working on my second novel.

Website :



Artist Directory

Rebecca Glover

Sculptor, Intallation

Location ; London (England)

Rebecca Glover works across the disciplines of installation. sound, sculpture and performance. Central to her work is the relationship between the body and environment. Rebecca is currently doing her postgraduate. In Sound Arts at EPAS in Ghent researching sculptural aspects of sound. She studied at Edinburgh College of Art. And St Oswald’s School of Painting. She is a visiting lecturer at Central Saint Martins. The Art Academy London. She was recently artist in residence at Florence Trust. London, recent presentations of her work include Gouvernement (Belgium). Florence Trust, Hewing Whittare Project Space. Diaspore Space, SHELF Wale.  Deptford X and for Radiophrenia at CCA Glasgow.

Paper MountainArtists DirectorySLABS

Website ;



Artist Directory

Shivangi Ladha

Painter, Mixed media

Location : Delhi (India)

My most recent work is about mDelhiy own relationship with animals in different cultures. I create work based on my personal experiences. Observations and life journeys. I take field trips to specific locations where I could. Directly relate myself to an animal, experience the environment they live in and in response create artwork.

8 F.jpg3 F.jpg9 F.jpg

Website :



Artist Directory

Trevor Kiernander


Location : Montreal (Canada)

My work takes visual cues from real and virtual environments. Examining, assembling and also deconstructing space. Exploring figure/ground relationships and the representation of architectural motifs. Starting with visual ideas drawn from photographs of buildings and landscapes. I break down and reconstruct. A world formed of dislocated and interwoven partial planes. Lines and shapes.

My paintings attempt to create dynamic tension between formal elements. Such as splashes of colour, shapes reminiscent of the outlines of architectural structures. Dissecting lines, charcoal under-drawings. And masking tape intentionally left in place or used to paint hard edges. Layered over these are occasionally solid blocks. Of dark earth tones that occlude parts of the image. Producing a sense of realistic three-dimensional space. Part of which is obscured from view.

Untitled (The Rider)Untitled (Void)Deserter

Website :



Artist Directory

Alexis Denuy

Painter, Poet

Location : French

Alexis Denuy’s paintings are composed of simplicity and wisdom. We think of the Little Prince, we think of Giotto. We think of universes that connect the wonderful to childhood and the sacred to the human. It is in this line that Alexis works. Deeply optimistic. It never removes the dignity of the human being and despite the suffering. Death watching him, he gives him a chance. To gather? To redeem himself? Take back his life in hand?
Voluntarily, Alexis does not put an end to his compositions, which sometimes seem like sketches stopped in time. Seizures on the spot and that the imagination can interpret and complete as it pleases. He seeks to capture this indescribable link that connects things together. And if the characters are waiting, it’s because the question of the sacred is asked.

Website :



Artist Directory

Ricardo Franco

Painter, Photographer

Location : Brasil

” I, first, look at the situation, see if there is the condition of giving plasticity. If there is a poetry there involved to photograph and from there I start painting. All my paintings are based on photography, and after this process. I do color study, and the situation that it is currently representing.”

As a child, Franco is passionate about art and plasticity. The photographer has already studied Fine Arts at Ucsal (Catholic University of Salvador). But he works in the advertising market. Exhibition Captured Art Exhibition Captured Art Exhibition.

Artist Directory

Bren Head


Location : England

I work from intuition rather than pre meditiation realising. That when something appears of its own accord it has a presence uniquely different from one that is manipulated. As work evolves texture and surface will dictate. The final image which will alter considerably during the working process. I retain an interest in exploring materials. And their properties while developing new ideas on a variety of surfaces.

The Blue EarringPowerful Silence 1'Stormy Days'Grandma's Golden Hair

Website :



Artist Directory

Anjeli Cordice

Painter, Mixte-Media, Instructor

Location : England

I love art, it’s one of my greatest passion’s in life. The other is practising Chen style Tai Chi Chaun. I am currently doing a Mental Health art project. That explores my relationship to a close relatives illness of Paranoid Schizophrenia bought. About by drug addictions that have led to a ‘Drugs induced Pscychosis’. I document my observations as starting points for visual expression creating art work that has been informed by the process of mental decline and instability through a long and enduring serious mental illness.

My work responds to the medical interventions. And processes that have taken place in the treatment of my relative as well as the day-to-day care. Management and challenges that frequently present themselves.
I have used a figure in my work to reflect and inform the many situations. Challenges and feelings that have arisen.

Website :



Artist Directory

Fabio Egea


Location : Argentina

Fabio Egea, nace en Córdoba (Argentina) en 1964. En 1977 se traslada a España. Donde estudia en la Escuela de Artes y Oficios de Madrid. Paralelamente continúa su formación junto al escultor Bethancourt. En 1983 regresa a su tierra natal donde continúa su creación artística. Durante más de 35 años se ha dedicado en cuerpo y alma a la pintura.

Website –



Artist Directory

Chris Dunseath

Sculptor, Painter

Location : England

My sculpture is concerned with a diverse range of concepts. And is made out of a variety of materials including wood. stone. Bronze and paper. The content has ranged from an interest in transformation. And change to its current involvement with aspects of theoretical physics. I agree with the physicist Richard Feynman. When he refers to the inadequacy of science. To capture the marvel of our universe. For the need for art to help bridge. The gap between the tangible and the intangible.


Stud/Particle Series No.1'Einstein-Rosen Bridge Print'Stud/Particle Series No.2

Website :



Artist Directory


Painter, Sculptor

Location : England

My practice follows two paths. Drawings and sculptures, which are essentially abstract and process led. And sculpture which is more ideas led and externally referential.

I like the notion of ‘making a drawing’. Which suggests the physics and the performance of the activity. I think of my drawings as flat sculptures, not drawings for sculptures, but constructions of materials, Which occupy a very shallow space. I avoid deliberate illusion or external reference. And often employ repetition as a means of building structure and a sense of labour.

Artists Directory#26L#107M

Website :



Artist Directory

Gerard Mas


Location : Spain

Spanish artist Gerard Mas from Girona creates playful and penetrating works that fuse contemporary references and gestures with busts reminiscent of 15th-century Florentine sculpture. Mas’ synthesis produces a humorous recontextualization. Women of the Renaissance chewing bubble gum appear to be alive and well in our contemporary moment.

Artists Directory arts and culture platormImage associée

Website :



Artist Directory

Alexander Johnson


Location : Laughton (England)

My work focusses on stories that I fear are in danger of being forgotten. Sometimes these stories relate back to WW2 and my father’s history as a reconnaissance photographer. Sometimes they are my own recollections and thoughts. I make charcoal drawings that inform the paintings. Which are then slowly built up from a palimpsest of lines. And gradually distilled into something more simple. Until only essential information remains.

This process iresults in a textural quality that unites all the work on canvas. I like the working process to be visible in the finished object. And have a hand-made quality that is an antidote to the shiny screen-images. That surround us in the twenty-first century. I come from a pre-digital age and find that most of what still interests me does too.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "alexander johnson painter"Résultat de recherche d'images pour "alexander johnson painter"MOBILE HOUSE (study)

Website –



Artist Directory

Delpha hudson

Painter, Sculptor

Location : Penzance (England)

Delpha Hudson is a British artist born in Surrey in 1963. She currently works from her studio in Bread Street, Penzance. From the late 90s her performance practice explored many aspects of women. And the self, using the body. Masquerade, city spaces.  And maternal and historical tropes. She continues to use materials in performative ways. Working with small clay sculpture, objects and assemblage. Delpha Hudson’s paintings explore women’s lives. Using very physical processes like dripping bitumen paint from a stick.

The process is messy and visceral. As well as unique as even mistakes can never be exactly replicated. The figures that emerge use gestural motifs to provoke. And engender empathy and understanding. Delpha Hudson’s work uses palimpsest. Humour and contradiction to engage audiences in seeing and experiencing mothers. And women’s lives in new ways. Communicating the ambivalence of women’s live and mothering.

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Eric Zener


Location – Oregon, (US)

Eric Zener is an established American photorealist painter from Astoria, Oregon. He often depicts people totally submerged in water. Much of Zener’s work has been exhibited and sold throughout the United States and abroad to private and corporate art collectors.

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