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Unexpected Artist

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Unexpected Artist


Toni Spyra

Instalation, Performance

Location – Germany


His installations and his objects. Provide the public with stimulating impulses inspired by humor. Also sarcasm.
By modifying ordinary materials and landscapes. Spyra always creates a sense of familiarity. But also a feeling of irritation. At second glance, the overall image becomes accessible. The viewer realizes how Toni Spyra conveys his own concerns. Concerning social problems and human habits.


Toni Spyra, Consumption

WebSite – https://spyras.tumblr.com/



Unexpected Artist

Chang Ki Chung


Location : South Korea


Chang Ki Chung starts as a fashion photographer. In the advertising department of major Korean groups. Such as Amore Pacific or Cheil Communication.

In 1987, he set up his own photographic studio in Seoul. His reputation as a portrait photographer. In 1990, he became the official photographer of the President of the Republic of Korea, Mr Roe.

Edward Weston or Ansel Adams

Then in 1993 Chang Ki Chung decides to move away from Seoul. And its agitation to settle in the countryside. He devoted himself to the photographic genre that had inspired him to become a photographer. Thus, like the great masters he admires so much. Edward Weston or Ansel Adams. He practices black and white art photography.


Website : http://www.chungchang-ki.com/chang_ki_chung_photography.php




Unexpected Artist

Adam Hilman

Visual Artist

Location : USA


Adam Hillman is a Multimedia artist who is known for arranging a variety of objects. And creating prints out of the final image. His work leans towards abstrac.t And can be made from paperclips, to rubber bands, to matches. Adam was born in 1990s, in the middle of Millennials generation. He was born and raised in New Jersey. He first began posting pictures of his work to Instagram in July of 2014.


Unexpected artistRésultat de recherche d'images pour "Adam Hillman"Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Adam Hillman"

Website – https://society6.com/adamhillman




Unexpected Artist

Rutger de Vries

Painter, Visuel Artist

Location : Berlin (Germany)


Dutch-born Rutger de Vries (NL, 1987) is a multidisciplinary visual artist. Whose practice is described  as Post-Graffiti Art. His audacious body of work is based on autobiographical experiences. As a Graffiti writer and trained Graphic Designer. In the field of tension between public space. And the gallery, de Vries inverts a graffiti reality. And alters the work and its maker substantially.


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Rutger de Vries"Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Rutger de Vries"Unexpected artist

Website : perongeluk.com



Matthieu Lavanchy

Visual-Artist, Photographer

Location : Swiss


Matthieu Lavanchy’s work has a distinct sensitivity. The process is as much the essence. The making of the image as the final plan. Born in Switzerland, Lavanchy studied at the University of Art and Design in Lausanne (ECAL). Before getting a one-year artistic residency. PhotoGlobal, at the School of Visual Arts in New York. He has received numerous awards and scholarships. Among them the prestigious Grand Jury Prize of the Hyères Festival. He has exhibited extensively throughout Europe and the United States.


Unexpected Artist

Website : https://matthieulavanchy.com/projects



Villu Jaanisoo


Location : Estonia


Villu Jaanisoo (born in 1963 in Tallinn) is an Estonian sculptor and professor of sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts. He is known as a sculptor. Versatile user of materials. And interprets traditions of sculpture. He lives and works in Pirkkala and Helsinki.


Public works of Villu Jaanisoo. Anything is possible, are collected from used car tires. The sitting gorilla is nearly five meters tall. In her work, the artist wants to ask questions about the origin. The responsibility and the future of the man. According to the artist, Gorilla recalls endangered animal species. Whose habitat has declined due to human activity. By choosing the material he uses. It raises the ecological perspective. Jaanisoo hopes that the animal will bring joy to the weeklies. And will counterbalance the research. And the studies of the University.
The sculpture was destroyed by fire on January 10, 2018!


Unexpected ArtistRésultat de recherche d'images pour "Villu Jaanisoon"

Website :  http://www.jaanisoo.com/



Unexpected Artist

Farid Ghanbari

Art Director, Mix-Media

Location : Richmond, Virginia (USA)


Farid Ghanbari. was born and raised in Iran, a beautiful country in the Middle East. He moved (in 2016) to Richmond, Virginia, United States.

Farid Ghanbari is the founder of RenderBurger.com. He worked as a generalist in CG 3D. Also, he is a lighting artist for about 10 years.


Since 2015, he is a computer supervisor at Lexip Games. (a versatile Iranian digital game design team). His overall experience includes games. Advertisement. Architectural visualization. Animated design and special effects. Mainly created in Maya. Realflow. Wonderful designer. C4D. Substance Painter. Photoshop and side effects. As a V-ray certified professional. Its main rendering engine is V-ray. However, he uses Arnold and Mentalray in some cases!


Website : https://www.artstation.com/



Unexpected Artist

Darius Hulea


Location : Roumania


Romanian sculptor Darius Hulea. Mold metal wires to create incredible works of art. Reflecting the inner and outer psyche of man. Drawing metal portraits. Also, his subjects are fragmented, as a sketch left incomplete.

Interestingly, a large collection of his contemporary portraits. Represents historical philosophers. Writers. Romanian artists and musicians. In addition, each of her portraits has a timeless and contemplative expression. For the most part, the young sculptor has the capacity. As well, with a simple wire, to represent the wisdom behind the eyes of these men. To conclude, his work is a modern reinterpretation of the classic portrait bust.*



Website : https://www.facebook.com/DariusHuleaSculptor/



Unexpected Artist

Robin Isely

Collage, Mix-media

Location : St Fransisco (USA)


Robin Isely is a surreal and digital artist from st Francisco. Robin’art moves between, surrealism, beauty. The grotesque exploring the intersections of the humain figures and animal nature. Compositions that seem to be inspired by all areas. A journey that could start and mythologie. Roman goddesses following the victorian Gothic. The romanticism of the twenties and the unfiltered sensuality. Of the incandescent sixties.


Unexpected collageRésultat de recherche d'images pour "robin isely"Surreal Collages by Robin Isely Robin Isely is a digital artist exploring the intersections of the human/animal as well what we find beautiful/ repellant. Follow him on Tumblr: sliplead.tumblr.com If you aren’t following Cross Connect, you’re missing...Robin Isely Charles Courtney Curran.jpg

Website : https://www.imgrumweb.com/hashtag/RobinIselyCreation



Unexpected Artist

Abshar Platisza

Photographer, Mix-media

Location : Indonesia


Abshar Platisza is a young artist (born in Bandung, Indonesia in 1992). Who work with both conventional and new media. Received his Bachelor degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design. Bandung Institute of Technology. Bandung in 2016 with a major in printmaking. He has shown extensively in Indonesia and other Regionals with several awards. With his Interest in science and technology discourse. He tried to eleborate it into his artistic practices and creative process.


More Than Human World: A Wake-up Call from Posthumanunexpected artistsRésultat de recherche d'images pour "Abshar Platisza"

Website : www.absharplatisza.com



Unexpected Artist

Anna Boyiazis


Location : California (USA)


Anna Boyiazis was born in California. The daughter of immigrants from the Aegean and from East Africa. She studied at prestigious universities in the US. Worked initially in design and architecture. She won a World Press Photo Award. And various other accolades and her work has been shown in many international exhibitions. And in major US and European magazines.


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Anna Boyiazis"unexpected photographerRésultat de recherche d'images pour "Anna Boyiazis"

Website : https://www.annaboyiazis.com/



Unexpected Artist

Beatrice Spadea

Painter, Sculptor

Location : Monza (Italie)


From a family of artists in Monza, Italy. Beatrice Spadea experiments with different techniques to produce visages of a man. Her unique masks create a path of communication by which she may express herself. Spadea continues to embark on a journey of interesting exhibits.


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Beatrice Spadea"

Website – https://beatricespadea.com/



Unexpected Artist

Ollie Wagner

Photographer, Mix-Media

Location : California (USA)


Ollie Wagner was born in California in 1978. When he was nine, his family moved to Raleigh North Carolina. He graduated with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from the Corcoran College. Of Art and Design. And a Masters of Fine Art from School of the Museum of Fine Art Boston. He has shown work in Raleigh North Carolina. Washington DC. Boston Massachusetts and Providence Rhode Island.

Ollie Wagner works using a combination of gel medium transfers, acrylic paint, graphite and other media.


Unexpected artists

Website : http://owagner.com/



Unexpected Artist

Dan Cretu

Photographer, Mix-Media

Location : Bucharest (Roumanie)


Based in Bucharest, the 36-year-old artist. Dan Cretu caught our attention with his dynamic and cheeky digital art of observation. He began his career as an artist in restoration. Painting and revitalizing old Orthodox churches throughout his Romania. Using traditional techniques learned by masters. After several years of restoration. Dan focuses more on the art direction and enters an advertising agency.
His works of contemporary art contrast surprisingly with his more traditional artistic career. This shift towards digital art began with a series entitled “Eco-Art”. The slightly crazy. But innovative concept was to recreate everyday objects with food products. Whether it’s a cucumber camera or amazingly realistic orange peel coaches. These works are a testament to Dan’s creativity.



Website : http://dancretu.tumblr.com/



Unexpected Artist

Paolo Bottarelli

Painter, Installation, Mix-Media

Location : Berlin (Germany)


After being educated in arts and music and graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Bottarelli rejected the mundane art-world to enter the chess game universe. For 11 years his obsession. And his experimentation is the one of the chess-board. His research the creativity of math and physics.


In Berlin, around the group of the Association of Neuroesthetics. The AoN serves as a platform for interdisciplinary exchange. Bridging various approaches to art and human experience. Cultivating interdisciplinary efforts and encouraging both a dialogue. And lasting cooperations between the arts and the sciences.
He studies and experiments the possibilities of perception and the potential of human mind. His work is intertwined with scientific researches. And engaged with philosophical perspective.
I collaborates with Max Plank Institute. Humbolt University and School of Mind And Brain in Berlin.


Website : http://paolobottarelli.com/



Unexpected Artist

Anna Dumitriu

Sculptor, Installation

Location : Brighton (England)


Anna Dumitriu (1969) is a British artist who works with sculpture. Installation. Craft and biological media to explore our relationship to infectious diseases. Synthetic biology and robotics. She has a strong international exhibition profile. Having exhibited at The Picasso Museum in Barcelona. The Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei. The Museum of the History of Science in Oxford. Her work is held in several major public collections, including the Science Museum London and Eden Project.


My Robot CompanionThe Emergence of ConsciousnessRest, Rest and Rest! - Credit: Credit Beatriz Rey

Website : http://annadumitriu.tumblr.com/



Unexpected Artist

Alexandre Roche

Performer, Installation

Location : Lyon (France)


I am self-taught, mason worker. My references are my reality, and the world in which I live. I do not speak about beauty, aesthetics and even less questions about art. Only humanity as a whole is interested. I try with these images to ask questions about the sincerity and usefulness of our actions, but most of the time it results in the absurdity of all this. Our dreams of a child once grown up seem to be only chimera, we refute them, but paradoxically we run after, and in their turn our dreams of adults become our own lies, and our lies of truths so on and so forth etc. etc. …


Social Network : https://www.facebook.com/alex.terieur.1865904
Contact : aroche527@gmail.com



Unexpected Artist

Constance Humphries

Performer, Film-Maker

Location : Asheville (US)


Based on a practice of performative investigation via butoh dance. These live performances and videos address issues of emotional intelligence. Relationship. Identity. Memory.  Intimacy, and the abandonment of ego. As a means to transform and ultimately challenge. The perception of the self, the work aims to activate the psychological. Spiritual and political potential of the self to create change.


Persistent Distance-Asheville Fringe-Constance HumphriesAnd Then There Was All That Time...Another Moment Of Silence Constance Humphries Butoh Dance

Website : https://constancehumphries.com/



Unexpected Artist

Babette Martini

Sculptor, Painter, Installation

Location – Germany


My work examines the expression of emotional and bodily states. I understand expression as something transient. And being formed through experience. In this way expression in my work is not intentional. Or a gesture – it is the result of material transformations, the interplay between process and medium. The artistic process itself, its impetus and the unforeseen event. Become essential to my artwork.


Elf Köpfe, 2009, Terrakotta, Wachs, brennbare Materialien, Höhe eines einzelnen Kopfes: c. 31 cm

Website : https://babettemartini.de/



Unexpected Artist

Bethe Bronson

Photographer, Mix-Media

Location : London (England)


The concept of liminality, as it references that edge between what we know and understand. And what we don’t know and don’t understand. I want to explore what teeters at that edge. I am fascinated with absence and presence. And the dichotomy that exists between them. I embrace media that lends itself conceptually to my work. Lens based media with its ability to capture moments in time. Yet be altered to suit the context. Is ideal for me to explore. My work investigates expectations. Explicitly societal expectations and the control or lack of control. that these expectations can create. I have been examining how this manifests itself specfically. Through the nineteenth-century photographic documentation of families. Particularly how it pertains to the mother.


Hidden ExposurePresenceAbsence/Presence

Website – https://www.bethebronson.com/



Unexpected Artist

Sally Kidall

Installation, Land Art

Location : Thirroul (Australia)


Through site-specific environmental installations and photography. I seek to challenge the predictability of expectations & ‘cultural homogeneity’. My art practice is inspired by the complexities. Equilibrium and fragility of the natural environment. And by the ways in which our man-made systems work within. Or in opposition to, these natural systems. The focus of my practice is the concept of transition. Including notions of unpredictability. Vulnerability and ephemerality. Its informed by issues relating to human ecology. Community displacement, consumption and materialism.


Nomadic City: lest we forget IIsxs_elyssa_performanceIn the Bag: time will tell

Website – https://sallykidall.wordpress.com/



Unexpected Artist

Zhe Chen


Location : Los Angeles and China


As a photographer. I cannot represent (and I am not willing to represent) anybody else. In the same way. Neither can I be represented (nor am I willing to be represented) by others. I hope to express in my work the undeniably powerful connectedness. That reminds viewers that we are all. In one way or another. Connected to each other in our deepest emotions. This kind of connectedness should not be related to age. I hope a first glance at my works conveys. The idea of secrecy and sentiments. Under which lies information awaiting exposure and recognition. Like an index page pointing towards all unanswered. And growing questions of life.


Website – https://www.zheis.com/



Unexpected Artist

Helen Snell

Installation, Performance

Location : Devon (England)


The focus of my work is the relationship between hand making and digital making. Craft and fine art. The unique and the mass produced. I am fascinated by the concept of the imperfect edition. And in the production of the repeatable physical artefact. My work explores how extensively the digital file. That exists only virtually. Can be downloaded to be manufactured through.  An ever expanding range of outputs and processes.  By exploring the concept of the multiple and issues of authorship. I hope to reflect on the intrinsic value of the material. And edition size as markers of a political agenda.


Liferaft Goggles and NeckpiecePunitive NeckpieceSHROUD for A SHORT FUZEAnna with Bladderwrack, Buckler's Hard

Website : http://www.lookinlookout.org/helen-snell



Unexpected Artist


Photographer, Installation, Media

Location : Brooklyn (USA)


Ventiko is a critically acclaimed conceptual artist working in photography. Performative experiences and social practice. Her work focuses on the (re)construction of moments. Not in time but in thought to express social positions on sexuality. Persona and the state of the modern woman. Ventiko’s works have been exhibited and experienced internationally at Galleries. Museums (Project for Empty Space. Newark. Chinatown Soup. NY, Shirin Gallery. NY. The Tate Modern. M.O.M.A. The Queens Musuem, Casa Quien. Dominican Republic to name a few) and in the streets (New York, New Jersey. London. Belgrade. Italy. Dominican Republic) and she has been featured in Arte Fuse.



Website : http://www.ventiko.com/ 



Unexpected Artist

Angela Smith


Location : Lewes (England)


The complex contradictions at the core of the human psyche. Are the central concerns of Angela Smith’s abstracted figurative paintings.

Smith disrupts the surface of her canvas, pouring and restricting paint over and over.  Paint floods, oozes, trickles and pools. Allowing space for unpredictability and the unexpected. Seeking a precarious balance between control and chance. This process-based work starts with no set outcome. Building up materiality before harnessing it.


Angela paints with gloss and enamel, and texture in places is dense. Bulges and wrinkles create their own topography. Echoing the many psychological layers we construct to conceal. And protect our innermost selves. Elsewhere, the finish is a mirror-like veneer inviting space for introspective reflection.

The intensely energised subjects are set against a flat. Solid, impenetrable ground, enabling scrutiny of these expressive figures with no distractions. Yet although isolated with nowhere to hide. They remain resolute and as complex as their surface.


LoudhailerFull beamBrowbeat

Website : http://www.angelasmithart.com/home



Unexpected Artist

Jean-Claude Borowiak

Sculptor, Installation, Land Art

Location : France


“The limit of the transgression necessary for any evolution begins, in my opinion. When its argumentation takes precedence over its function and when the establishment of new languages ​​serves as an advantage to oppose, to feel guilty and to exclude.

Indeed, a too conceptual art, too hermetic. Tends to close its access to the greatest number. But does not Art, as a means of expression. Have the vocation of communicating and bringing us closer to each other, as well as to each other?

For example. Why do we still have an interest in the early arts and creations of Lascaux. Except that they already speak about us and that we can still find traces of our humanity. Of our perception to the world and consequently to the perception of the subject who experiments. Thinks and transmits the fruit of his interpretations and beliefs.


By authorizing me the emergence of a world inscribed in my story and my imagination. I propose to bring everyone into a kind of picture book. Where he is offered the opportunity to give meaning to the tale, the proposed speech. The meaning is then no longer given outside the work but in itself in a spirit of sharing and self-recognition in the face of creation. The work seeks not so much to be meaning as to make sense. It seeks not so much to capture looks as consciences and becomes by the same interaction and dialogue with the subject become an actor and no longer a mere spectator.

So my research and my creations explore gaps in space, new times. Imaginations inspired by our stories and our shared emotions “


"Sphère" j-c BorowiakIMG_5367

Website : borowiakjc.wixsite.com/jean-claude-borowiak



Unexpected Artist

Patricia Schnall Gutierrez

Artist Mixed-Media, Installation, Performance

Location : Miami (USA)


My work remains focused on the exploration of the contemporary feminine character based on traditional. Political and personal circumstances. The work, post-minimal and conceptual in nature. Ranges from  two-dimensional and installation to performance and collaborative projects.  The content reveals an intimate commentary on a variety of  issues of the modern world. The role of women and personal life stories.



Website : https://www.patriciaschnallgutierrez.com/



Unexpected Artist

Ian Gamache

Artist Painter

Location : Canada


Ian Gamache is an artist living in Canada. His work is rooted in the traditional mark making disciplines (painting and drawing). But he also incorporates photography. Collage. Onsite projects, performance and installation.

I am inspired by the human condition. The problems we face and our different histories. Themes like art history. Sex. War. Animals and poverty all come into play when I draw and paint. With the internet and new publishing techniques. I try to put out work constantly. To throw images into the great river of information.



Website : http://iangamache.com/



Unexpected Artist

John Paul Evans

Artist Performer, Photographer

Location : England


My work seeks to address the way photography. Has been deployed to reinforce notions of gender in western society. Writers such as John Berger. Laura Mulvey and Richard Dyer have correlated binary concepts. Of male/female with activity and passivity and looking and being looked at. Through personal practice. An attempt is made to eschew this active/passive binary. When photographing the male body. This has involved a variety of picture-making strategies. That have been influenced and informed. By constructionist conceptualizations of the body such. Bakhtin’s ‘carnivalesque’ and Judith Butler’s notion of gender becoming an ‘activity’. Together with Michel Foucault’s concept of discourse. Which has been central to the conceptualisation. Of the ‘queer theory’ research paradigm.

Photographic methods.

The photographic methods used in my practice are performative. And engage with processes such as stillness. Or repetitious bodily movement. In order to reveal an unconscious or unprepossessed state to the camera. With the aim of transcending patriarchal codes and ‘becoming.’ Something alternative, something ‘queer’. In addressing the process of naturalization. We might consider Judith Butler’s suggestion:

If gender is something that one becomes. But can never be-then gender is itself a kind of becoming or activity. And that gender ought not to be conceived. As a noun or a substantial thing or a static cultural marker. But rather as an incessant and repeated action of some sort. (Judith Butler – Gender Trouble).


After Manet - le Dejeuner sur l'herbe'till death us do part'After Ingres - The Small Bather

Website : http://www.johnpaulevans.co.uk/



Unexpected Artist

Hao Ni

Artist Mixed-Media, Sculptor, Installation

Location : New York


Through my work I strive to articulate overlapping systems. Hierarchical structures. And the polarity of power dynamics. I am always searching to understand the movement of power. By tracing the violence that occurs when power structures collide. I draw inspiration from sources such as geopolitics. History. Pop culture. Ecology, and parapsychology. I often overlap different methodologies from multiple disciplines. Until new perspectives emerge. So that I can construct visual poetries to reveal and examine the systematic violence of our time.



Website : https://www.flickr.com/photos/haoishao/



Unexpected Artist


Artist Performer

Location : Germany


Born in 1980, German performance artist Mia Florentine Weiss has now travelled the world for ten years and used different forms of media to keep records of her journey. Whoever she met, the artist always asked the same question: “What Is Your Place Of Protection?” Using this disarmingly simple, yet multi-layered metaphor, she collected answers from people of different cultures, religions, nationalities, and ages, all of which led the artist back to the very origins of life. As a result, the uterus symbolizing a nucleus of “Protection” has become a major topic of her works. Mia Florentine Weiss lives and works in Berlin, Frankfurt, and Los Angeles.



Website : http://www.mia-florentine-weiss.com/



Unexpected Artist

Travis Lindquist

Painter, photographer

Location : Brooklyn, NY, USA


Primarily a painter, but also working in a variety of mixed mediums, my work stems from materials relating to the human condition such as newspaper clippings, archival reference books and propaganda, early film and television stills, and found materials.

Although I utilize traditional modes of portrait composition, stylistically my work is loose and painterly, thus contemporary in its form, in order to present obscure historical figures as commentary on current culture.

In my latest body of work, I investigate historical patrons of the arts and the irony and tensions that are created when the art and artist is utilized /used as a means to cultural and corporate “diplomacy”.



Website : http://travislindquist.blogspot.com/



Unexpected Artist

Natalia Bazowska

Painter, Sculptor, Installation

Location : Poland


​Born in Poland. She grew up as a child in the mountains which resulted in a strong bond with nature. In 1999-2005 she studied medicine in 2007 at the same time she studied at the Katowice Academy of Fine Arts and PhD studies at the Department and the Department of Psychiatry, Medical University of Silesia. In 2010, she defended her PhD entitled “Assessment of the visual transmission of emotions evoked in people suffering from depression” drawing expertise from both fields of study. Since 2011 only deals with the art of taking full advantage of its activities with the medical expertise and a strong connection to nature.



Website : https://www.bazowska.com/



Unexpected Artist

Chantel Foretich


Location : New-York, USA


Chantel Foretich makes small-scale constructions referencing real and literary places – many are animated with electric motors or music-box mechanisms.  Works include shrunken versions of swimming pools, doctor’s offices, cubicles, and bedrooms, all of which build onto each other and into larger landscapes.



Website : http://www.chantelforetich.com



Unexpected Artist

Yo Fukui


Location : Tokyo, Japan


Yo Fukui is an artist living in Shizuoka, Japan. He graduated from high school in Hiroshima Japan,  before coming to the United State in 1999. After a short time at The University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Yo transferred to the Kansas City Art Institute where he received a BFA in Ceramics in 2005. And Yo received his MFA in Sculpture from The University of Nevada.



Website : https://www.yofukui.com/



Unexpected Artist

Caren Garfen

Artist, Maker

Location : London


I employ textiles to create artworks relating to women’s issues in the 21st century. Hand drawn, photographic silkscreen. Also, printed imagery and painstaking. Hand stitched text and motifs are used to convey messages on gender politics. My work deals with serious issues. The text adds a layer of humour but thinly veils a stark social statement.

I carry out extensive research. Methodically working my way through books. Academic papers, government surveys. Newspapers and other media. Until I have a firm grasp of my subject area. I am interested in how domesticity. work/life balance and body issues affect women.

The finished artworks are designed to reflect the results of the research and are constructed to echo the concept, for example, ‘Wafer Thin’ (a piece I made in 2012) dealt with dieting and was in the form of a kitchen paper towel roll. When the ten metres of printed and stitched textile was rolled up it appeared plump and healthy, when it was unravelled it became worryingly thin.  In the unravelling, images of foods from the most calorific to those with zero calories were revealed, and hidden at the centre was ‘Stick Thin’ with its listing of eating disorders.


Do my bones look big in this?Room for Improvement, 2018Patients is KeyYou see food I see numbers

Website : http://www.carengarfen.com/



Unexpected Artist

Da n  G u z  M a n

Painter Architect Musician

Location: Mexico


His painting is brilliantly executed in it’s own terms. Considered a modern artist, g u z m a n falls into Neoexpressionism if you would have to label him. Crying men, Giants having a meeting on top of buildings. As well as levitating men aiming in catarsis towards the sky. Are images that tell a continuous story about human behaviour. Social media. shamanism, and constant change. d a n g u z m a n provides a unique artistic “handwriting”. That he developed combining genuine elements to stage a graphic composition. “Deliver a spark in the mind of the viewer” has become his final obsession to achieve.
New talented artist discovered by selected curators and galleries. Considered a gifted artist by russian curator Kira Lekhuska commented. This 44 year old male talent has lost his anonymity this 2018.


Siteweb : https://www.saatchiart.com/danguzman

Social network : Instagram – #guzman72mx



Unexpected Artist

Liz Atkin

Art therapist, Artist, Consultant, Maker

Location: London


I am a visual artist based in London. Physicality underpins a creative practice with my skin. As a primary source for corporeal artwork and imaginative transformation. Compulsive Skin Picking dominated my life for more than 20 years. But through a background in dance and theatre. I also confronted the condition to harness creative repair and recovery. Also, I create intimate artworks. Photographs and performances exploring the body. Focused repetitive behaviour of skin picking.

I have exhibited and performed my work in therapuetic settings. Galleries and venues in the UK. Australia. USA and Japan. I aspire to de-stigmatise Compulsive Skin Picking. Raise awareness and advocate recovery through public talks. My story and art has been profiled on BBC World Service Outlook. BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, and BBC Arabic. TV’s art programme Afaq. My studio is on Havelock Walk in South London. Finally, a creative community of sculptors, painters, designers. Photographers and other visual artists.


Interface 215Interface 553

Website : http://lizatkin.com/



Unexpected Artist

Rosie James

Artist, Maker, Researcher, Teacher

Location : Rochester, England


I take my first point of reference from crowds and large gatherings of people. Looking for the detail in the ordinary but also the commonality within the group. Photo are used to still movement and to reveal details. Hence,  these photographs are then used to create drawings. I sew these drawings onto fabric using a sewing machine. I use transparent fabric and I leave loose threads. Thus revealing and celebrating the process of sewing. Transparent cloth alllows me to layer the drawings on top of each other. So to build up a crowd which allows us to see through it.

My work also includes screen printed buildings, windows, roofs and skylines. These elements create a sense of atmosphere and build links between the people and their location. The black line of the thread is a seductive one, raised from the surface it is tactile and sightly fuzzy at the edges, velvety. This is one of the things that draws me to the sewing machine rather than the pencil.


Paris Crowd cloth Book (Textile)Figure/Line

Website : https://rosiejamestextileartist.wordpress.com/



Unexpected Artist

Jean-Yves Delalande

Painting, Photographer

Location: France


Jean-Yves Delalande, an engineer in computer science. Also, has not stopped his passion for the visual arts since 30 years. (drawing, painting, sculpture, photography).
Each discipline feeds itself on others. The sketch becomes painting, inspiring a sculpture. Which can become itself a strange character in photography.



Siteweb: http://www.jeanyvesdelalande.com/

Social Network: On instagram : @delalande_jean_yves



Unexpected Artist

Mitra Saboury

Artist, Film-maker, Researcher, Writer

Location: Los Angeles

Bodies + architecture, always under construction


NailspaDrywallStumbling Block

Website : https://www.mitrasaboury.com/



Unexpected Artist

Louis Jammes

Photographer, Painter

Location: France


Louis Jammes was born in 1958 in Carcassonne. In the early 1980s, at the beginning of his career, he immortalized the artists of his personal pantheon. Those who inspired his career as members of the Beat generation, Andy Warhol. Lou Reed, and his relatives. Also,  the free figuration and those of his generation. Keith Haring. Jean-Michel Basquiat. Robert Combas, or Julian Schnabel. Also, in a setting he conceives evoking their work.Finally,  he then takes his studio down the street. And combines photography and painting to set the scene behind anonymous Barbès.

Before engaging in war-torn countries to work with local people. He does not wish to testify to these conflicts. In the manner of a reporter but to take sides, to be part of it. Louis Jammes returns from these experiences with rare images, a great pictoriality. Known to the general public for his work in Sarajevo in 1993. Also,  the children he had then transformed into angels. Silkscreened and stuck on the battlefield remain forever engraved in the minds. Both as witnesses and actors of this conflict devastating. In all his work. Finally,  it is a question of inventing a photographic writing.


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WebSite: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Louisjammes-270564329721697/




Unexpected Artist

Jake Francis

Artist, Critic, Event organiser, Writer

Location: London/Brighton, South East


Through cynicism and belligerent play. Jake Francis embodies the spirit of a snake oil salesman. Jake inevitably relies on it’s cliches and tropes to make work and progress through its gilded halls.Also, acutely aware of the hypocrisies associated in the process. By toying with preconceived structures. The artist attempts to reconvene. Both social and trivial issues with simultaneous wit and intentional ignorance.



WebSite : https://issuu.com/jakefrancisart



Unexpected Artist

carla cuomo


Location: london


At the heart of my research. There is the use of the artistic process as a path towards self-knowledge and self-reconciliation. First of all, constantly questioning and playing with the persuasive power of the image. And of the visual language. My body of work. Incorporates intimate yet universal experiences such as loneliness. Abandonment, fear of emotional nakedness and failure. In touching on these themes. I aim to create a collision between opposite languages.


The unreal and the imaginary, the document and the oneiric. The personal memory and the collective. Aiming to trigger physiological reactions by invoking primal and visceral emotions. Although in the majority of my  work. I never want to address political questions directly. I am still deeply concerned by how political and social decisions can impact people. By employing the photographic medium as a very personal. Symbolic and poetic vehicle form of expression. Finally, my work often addresses elements of sexuality. Mysticism and the nature of female desire to create a tense narrative. That engages on a mental and emotional level.


Untitled Life ( Untitled No. 076, Naples 2018)Endless Spleen (Selected Works, 2018)Untitled (Img9541, Nepal 2018), by carla cuomo

WebSite : http://www.carlacuomo.com/