Johan Deckman

Johan Deckman

Johan Deckman
Visual artist, psychotherapist
Location: Copenhagen (Denmark)


Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Johan Deckmann is both a psychotherapist and an artist. Since 2015, he has been working on the creation of humorous works largely nourished and inspired by his experience in contact with the human psyche.


The Danish artist recovers personal development books, repaints the cover and adds a new title. To reinforce his message, the artist sometimes has fun adding visual effects. He plays with contrasts and volumes. The goal is to put certain topics into perspective. For example, he will place a thick book entitled “Questions” next to a book containing few pages whose title is “Answers”. The lesson here, of course, is that genuine occasions to feel offended are usually rare.

The power of language.

The beauty of Johan Deckmann’s works stems from their universality. He illustrates widespread psychological failings, and many recognize themselves in his work. The artist says he believes in the power of language, both in psychotherapy and in art. One thing is certain, Johan Deckmann has the sense of the formula! These book titles are amazingly accurate. They skillfully and humorously reveal the imperfection and even the absurdity of human psychology.


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