Bogdan Rata

Bogdan Rata

Bogdan Rata
Location: Timisoara (Romania)


Born January 22, 1984, Baia Mare, Bogdan Rata works in Timisoara, Romania. He teaches at the West University of Timisoara, Faculty of Arts and Design, Department of Sculpture.


His new hybrid realism finds new genetic forms of human anatomy in search of a new posthumanism. Rata multiplies human parts (fingers, ears, etc.) and combines them into new life forms. Newborn babies seem to be the result of strange experiments with the human body in an aesthetic laboratory. Rata’s works forge a contextual shift in anatomical detail through his obsessive multiplication. The materials used, and the resulting industrial aspect, question the attack on individual personality in a climate of standardization of the commercial brand.

Unsuccessful blessing.

The concept of “hand-foot” and the symbol of “unfruitful blessing” reinforce the idea behind the work. Propelling it delicately into the realm of the grotesque. The torso also evokes a twist of reality, the socially provocative themes of sexual identity and the hermaphrodite. He uses new materials such as polystyrene, industrial paint, plaster, synthetic resin.


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