We are a collective HappenArt composed of Painters, Sculptor, Curator, Gallery, Photographers, Filmakers, Fashion Designers etc. We sarted to develop an ArtGeolocalisation App and a Website arts and Culture Platform to promote the culture that is vital to us.

You can submit your events or work on our site HERE it’s free.

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Our curator and art Influencer is Geraldine Beigbeder. She organized several exhibitions for :

Peter Doherty in paris, Barcelone, Geneva and Museum Rimbaud at Charleville-Mezère (French).

Norman Reedus also trusted us during his exhibition in Paris and Barcelona.

The photographe Robert Farber and many others continue to follows us for there exhibits.

So Why not you ?


You can submit a request for organization of your futur exhibition, events or fashion shows HERE.

It’s not free. We will send you a quote. But we do not take any commission on your sales or events.



Arts Culture Platform


Through to the App and the WebSite HappenArt. You defend a certain idea of art.