Jamie Isenstein

Jamie Isenstein

Jamie Isenstein
Viusal artist
Location: New york (US)


Jamie Isenstein (b. 1975, Portland) confuses subject and object in her work, which spans sculpture, drawing, and performance, often turning objects into bodies and bodies into objects. Bluring distinctions between performance and sculpture, often through use of her own body as ready-made object in her “inhabited sculptures,” and thereby questions the notion of “live” in her work Isenstein reflects on the concept of art living beyond its creator and the role of the artist’s hand, quite literally, within a work of art. Most often utilizing the lexicon of comedy and magic as metaphors for larger contexts.

Inhabited sculptures.

Isenstein’s inhabited sculptures are almost an absurd reversal where the artwork has co-opted the artist’s body, creating an anthropomorphized self-deprecated sculpture. While these sculptures rely on her body’s presence, Isenstein offers an equally compelling solution for when she is absent. In doing so, Isenstein’s performances never truly end but instead go into extended intermissions. This way, unlike most performance or endurance art that has a finite beginning and end, her performances become more like sculptures that last indefinitely.


Jamie IsensteinJAMIE ISENSTEIN | Installazioni di arte, Arte contemporanea, ArteJamie Isenstein. Clap Magic. 2007 | MoMA | Moma, Jamie, Film stills

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