Tony Hornecker

tony hornecker

Tony Hornecker
Visual artist
Location: London (UK)


Tony Hornecker is an internationally renowned artist and scenographer. His installations have been staged at institutions such as the Royal College of Art. The Royal Opera House and the Architecture Foundation in London. Her work incorporates a wide variety of mediums, from print to sculpture. Architecture and performance. Her love of found materials and how to take them, and taking the viewer on magical journeys in her imagination have won her work a loyal following.

Installation artist.

In recent years he has started to develop his career as an installation artist. Drawing inspiration from his turbulent childhood and later adventures in London. He put on some very intense and honest shows in his home and studio in Hackney. The studio itself becomes an attraction in its own right, a unique exhibition of the bowels of his soul. Abandoned sets and heaps of bric-a-brac, all lovingly arranged and displayed.

The Pale Blue Door.

In 2009, he opened The Pale Blue Door, a cabaret and dining experience installation staged among the many nooks and crannies of his elaborate home. It was to be a smash hit and continues to occasionally entertain to this day. His love of travel, his admiration for gypsies and the art of creating anything out of anything, took The Pale Blue Door as far away as Buenos Aires. Santiago. Berlin. Valparaiso and even the Glastonbury Festival.


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