Valerie Hegarty

Valerie Hegarty

Valerie Hegarty
Visual artist, painter
Location: New-York (US)






Valerie Hegarty is a Brooklyn-based artist who makes paintings, sculptures and installations that explore issues of memory, place and history. Starting with a personal inspiration, Hegarty seeks out poetic connections between her personal history, art history and current events. Hegarty relishes the materiality of her process, incorporating a range of materials such as canvas, wood, Foamcore, paper-mache, epoxy and ceramics.

Reverse archeology.

Hegarty’s large-scale installation work incorporates a process she calls “reverse archeology” in which layers of painted paper are adhered to the walls and floors of the gallery and then scraped back to create a material memory of a space. Hegarty’s canvases and sculptures that replicate paintings and antiques from early American art history are presented as ruined by devices associated with their historical significance. Although representational, Hegarty’s works contain surprising juxtapositions and uncanny transformations where materials and meanings are constantly shifting.



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