Richard Hughes

Richard Hughes

Richard Hughes
Sculptor, installation
Location: London (UK)


Born in 1974 in Birmingham, United Kingdom, Richard Hughes lives and works in London. Hughes’ sculptural practice is engaged in the counterproductive act of manufacturing decay and illusion. He creates objects that evoke, through their weathered appearance, the aftermath of good times past. His pieces are carefully crafted to look like: a found piss bottle covered in dew (“Roadsider”, 2005), a moldy old sofa with mushrooms growing on it (“After the Summer of Like”, 2005). Flip-flops half buried in the ground (“The Last Drag”, 2005). Far from simple ready-mades, Hughes’ works are laborious copies of bric-a-brac. They appear as residual artifacts that epitomize the moment when suburban working-class culture enters the mainstream. Bringing with it a multitude of inappropriate objects.


Richard HughesRichard Hughes, Pffist | Sculpture art, Art, Abstract sculptureRichard Hughes | Sculpture, Contemporary art, Acrylic painting







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