Marta Pérez García

Marta Pérez García

Marta Perez Garcia
Visual Artist
Location: Puerto Rico






Engraver, draftsman and painter. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Louisiana State University in 1987. Then her Masters of Fine Arts from the Tyler School of Arts in Philadelphia in 1993. In addition to taking courses at West Virginia University in 1987. Upon her return to Puerto Rico, she worked as a professor at the Interamerican University, Arecibo Campus and at the University of the Sacred Heart of Santurce. At the University of West Virginia, he was assistant professor of printmaking. In 1989 she was honored at the Chase Manhattan Bank Biennial of Young Art and in 2001 she won the grand prize at the XIII Latin American and Caribbean Printmaking Biennial in San Juan.

The lost iron.

The technique that he masterfully developed in his xylography is that of “lost iron”. Her work contains symbols of social ills, ironically presented through a plethora of textured and explosive color patterns.

Over the years, Marta Pérez Garcia’s work has focused on gender-based violence and society’s blindness to it. In an effort to raise awareness, she turned to large multimedia installations involving local organizations. Arts communities and institutions. These installations and the workshops that lead to them help give a voice, a stage and a presence to survivors of gender-based violence who have lived and continue to live in silence. These projects seek to foster a cathartic and empowering dialogue so that, through art, the community moves from silent witness to active healer.



Marta Pérez García








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