Sage Barnes

Sage Barnes

Sage Barnes
Location: Kansas City (US)


A self-taught artist, Sage Barnes only learned to create from his own ideas, which is exactly what sets him apart. He found a unique combination of abstract, realistic and street art techniques, which are often separated. Many of her works feature a very realistic bodice. With an explosion of color instead of the front, painted against a graffiti-like wall. Her Instagram bio reads “school dropout,” potentially as a way to let people know that there’s no clear path to success. He also uses his Instagram as a form of connecting with his followers. Rather than just posting a work with its title, it will add a meaningful quote or share the story behind a work.


Sage BarnesShine by Sage Barnes - For Sale | Neon art, Pop art, Contemporary artOriginal contemporary art by artist Sage - works by sage | Contemporary art canvas, Contemporary art painting, Modern art paintings







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