Sonja Hinrichsen

Sonja Hinrichsen

Sonja Hinrichsen
Visual artist, performance
Location: San Francisco (USA)


Sonja Hinrichsen examines urban and natural environments through exploration and research. As an artist, she feels responsible for addressing issues that our society tends to overlook or deny, especially negative impacts on the natural world. Her work manifests itself in immersive video installations, video performances and interventions in nature. His participatory project “Snow Drawings” engages communities around the world.

His work reflects environmental concerns and addresses our (humanity’s) relationship to the natural world. As we perceive it and interact with it.

The spiral.

“The choice of the spiral is no coincidence. The spiral is the movement of water that runs away in a siphon, nautiluses and snails have this shape. In all mythologies the spiral has had a meaning, our galaxy is a spiral… And what’s more, it’s unmissable! It is not so much the result that is important, she confides, it is the participation in the work! Creating your own path is already a work of art in itself. It is experimental art that cannot be claimed at the beginning of the creation of what the result will be. In addition, the work changes according to the color of the sky… It’s magic. -S. Hinrichsen.


Sonja HinrichsenDes traces de pas dans la neige | Art paysage, Boite verte, Neigesonja hinrichsen spirals snow drawings in the colorado landscape | Drawing projects, Drawings, Architecture drawingSonja Hinrichsen crée en marchant dans la neige ... | Beeldende kunst, Kunstwerk, Kunst








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