Alain Lame

Alain Lame

Painter and visual artist, Alain Lame has called many times our curator Geraldine Beigbeder to organize his openings.


The starting point of Alain Lame‘s artistic career is a work on madness. A manifesto denouncing the excesses of an unhealthy consumer society through misleading logos. Luxury brands.

During his previous exhibitions. He has shown two important trends in his work. What he calls his “homage to the masters”. With a good dose of subversion or irony.

Alain Lame presents us this time the table at the base. From Greek or Roman times. The painter starts from the beginning. While moving away from the often obtuse message of contemporary art. Live this experience back to drawing. At the sketch. Like redoing the road, relearn. Then, little by little. A destructuring of the aesthetic occurs. Aesthetics of the body and dismemberment. Unusual position Androgyny of the characters. These are the inspiring subjects of painter’s works: oil. Drawings in ink. Walnut and pencil. The recreated harmony is a fuzzy harmony. But the tribute to the masters of Alain Lame is done.











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