Alejandro Berconsky

Alejandro Berconsky

Alejandro Berconsky


Location : France






Alejandro Berconsky was born in Buenos Aires in 1969. He moved to Caracas, Venezuela, with his family where he grew up. He began his studies in media but soon discovered that his passion was elsewhere.

His work oscillates between beauty and aggression. Sensuality and hardness. The organic nature and the geometry of form, like in his series entitled “Spheroids”.

From the spheres and the spheroids, Berconsky moves on to the “Amalgams”. A series of hybrid creations. Which are as close as it gets to depicting the anthropomorphic form. This work, often provocative and with a tongue-in-cheek playfulness. Reveals the artist’s sense of humour. Like several pieces of his “Amalgam” series. Where he incorporates hundreds of colourful marble balls.


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