Alexandra Bircken

Alexandra Bircken

Alexandra Bircken
Visual Artist
Location: Berlin & Düsseldorf (Germany)

Alexandra Bircken’s art is based on the principles of separating and combining our internal and external worlds.

Objects and installations.

Her objects and installations bear witness to an immense sensitivity and understanding of working with natural materials like twigs and stones, but also in working with industrially produced materials like wool, nylon stockings, rope, or artificial materials like polyester wadding. She mounts and combines these into objects that are presented as individual sculptures or in assemblages as installations. The operations that went into creating these objects are perceptively comprehensible and imprinted in the work. The weaving, crocheting, knitting, sewing, tearing, and folding imbue them with a distinctive aesthetic.

View of reality.

Through the combination of the elements, materials, and workmanship techniques, the material is ennobled and contextually shifted, placing the expectations of materiality and its perception in question and shifting the view of reality.


Sculptural Installation by Alexandra Bircken

Deflated Figures, 2014, Alexandra Bircken at The Hepworth, Wakefield, Eskalation Exhibition, Dec 2014 | Meaningful art, Exhibition, Land art

GALLERY WEEKEND BERLIN #08 / Alexandra Bircken at BQ-Berlin — Mousse Magazine and Publishing | Gallery weekend, Contemporary sculpture, Contemporary art






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