Anne Bothuon

Anne Bothuon

Anne Bothuon
Sculptor, textiles
Location: France






With wadding and fabric, Anne Bothuon models her sculptures, her characters.

Like a Fate, by dint of stitches, knots, flanges, repeats. It reveals a body, not a body in glory, but a body common to all with its faults and its small imperfections, far from media images.
The choice of a human-sized scale gives the sculptures a mirror effect, bringing the viewer back to himself.

Exchange of glances, embroidered glances?

With or without a base, they have their feet on the ground. Fly weightless or fall off balance as light as they are powerful.
The dyed and re-embroidered tarlatan gauze gives them transparencies close to skin tone.

Far from contemporary technology, Bothuon chose the thread and the needle and placed at the center of its concerns, the human.



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