Ashley Bickerton

Ashley Bickerton

Ashley Bickerton
Sculptor, visual artist
Location: Bali (Indonesia)


Ashley Bickteron is a Barbados-born American artist known for her baroque multimedia approach to exploring contemporary society. Having moved to four continents while growing up and emigrated permanently from America to his current residence in Kuta, Bali, Bickerton’s pilgrim way of life has been a central influence on his compositions. Freshly graduated from the California Institute of the Arts in 1982, Bickerton began his career in New York where he was part of the famous Neo-Geo Group in the 1980s. During his stay in America, his compositions included industrial materials, found objects and screen-printed images such as company logos titled “Anthropospheres”, “Commercial Pieces” or even “Self-Portraits”.


Ashley BickertonAshley BickertonAshley Bickerton








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