Painter, Installation

Location : China






The Chinese artist Bi Rongrong juggles with dimension in her artworks. She deconstructs the three dimensional world around herself into two dimensional shapes and colors and re-composes. Them in her artworks. Paintings, murals and installations are her preferred means of expression. She usually starts her works with drawings. Also, which function as some kind of diary to her. At this point she already depletes the third dimension. A good example for her murals is the exhibition in the “Bund18 Temporary Art Space”. In Shanghai, China. Within three weeks, she patterned the walls of one entire room of the exhibition hall. The murals were spread across the wall and didn’t even stop at the windows. The third dimension was added again.

Bi Rongrong proved her creativity in the field of installations with her contribution. “7:3 Colors”, also to the SWFC 5th Anniversary Art Project . “FILTER THE PUBLIC” in Shanghai. Illuminated and transparent 3D open air installations. Were spread across the square in front of the Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC). The effect of the installations, made out of colored Plexiglas, stainless steel and LEDs. Also, during the day time. Worked with the natural sunlight. And the colors from the environment. In the evening, depended mainly on lighting conditions.



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