Dan Cretu

Dan Cretu

Dan Cretu

Photographer, Mix-Media

Location : Bucharest (Roumanie)





Based in Bucharest, the 36-year-old artist. Dan Cretu caught our attention with his dynamic and cheeky digital art of observation. He began his career as an artist in restoration. Painting and revitalizing old Orthodox churches throughout his Romania. Using traditional techniques learned by masters. After several years of restoration. Dan focuses more on the art direction and enters an advertising agency.
His works of contemporary art contrast surprisingly with his more traditional artistic career. This shift towards digital art began with a series entitled “Eco-Art”. The slightly crazy. But innovative concept was to recreate everyday objects with food products. Whether it’s a cucumber camera or amazingly realistic orange peel coaches. These works are a testament to Dan’s creativity.



Website : http://dancretu.tumblr.com/

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