Danh Vō

Danh Vō

Danh Vō
Sculptor, Visual artist
Location: Mexico


Danh Vō is a contemporary artist living and working in Mexico City, Mexico, and Berlin, Germany. Born in 1975 in Vietnam and raised in Denmark, Vō is a performance art inspired conceptual artist.

His biography.

The works by Vō emerge from his biography, his own life and path, personal relationships and encounters. His works are objects as the final form of his project, images that have accrued shifting layers of meaning and touching specific events or universal icons.

Vietnam War.

Using his own life as a guideline, the artist explores historical, socio-political themes, in particular topics related to the Vietnam War. Doing so, Vō uses photographs, documents and found objects with an emotional or historical significance, postmodern appropriation of works by other artists often in an eclectic manner. Questioning issues concerning identity, authorial status, ownership and the function or role of personal relationships. The artist explores fragmentation, the discrepancy of reality, fiction and memory.


Danh VōDanh Vo “Log Dog” at Kurimanzutto, Mexico City / MOUSSE CONTEMPORARY ART MAGAZINE | Cosmic art, Contemporary art, Magazine art8 idées de Danh Vo | art contemporain, contemporain, sculpture contemporaineDanh Vo, Take my Breath Away | Flash art, Conceptual art, Artist inspiration

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