Daniel Arsham

Daniel Arsham

Daniel Arsham
Location: New-York (US)


Daniel Arsham’s uchronic aesthetic revolves around his concept of fictional archeology. Working in sculpture. Architecture. Drawing and cinema. It creates and crystallizes ambiguous intermediate spaces or situations. Arsham stages what he calls future relics of the present. They are eroded casts of modern artifacts and contemporary human figures. He expertly manufactures from geological materials such as sand. Selenite or volcanic ash to make it appear as if it had just been discovered after being buried for centuries. Always emblematic, most of the objects that he transforms into stone refer to the end of the 20th century or to the millennial era. When technological obsolescence has accelerated unprecedentedly with the digital dematerialization of our world. While the present. The future and the past collide poetically in his haunted visions. Playful between romanticism and pop art, Daniel Arsham also experiments with the timelessness of certain symbols and gestures across cultures.


Daniel Arsham

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