Darrell Black

Painter/visual artist

Location: Frankfurt (Germany)

Darrell Black


Darrell Urban Black, is an American visual artist currently residing in Frankfurt, Germany. He works in a variety of formats which include pen and ink drawings. Acrylic paints on canvas wood and mixed media objects. His creative process is a mixture of works on paper. Acrylic paint. Found objects and non-toxic hot glue that creates a three-dimensional effect on any surface that gives a sense of realism and presence in his work. Darrell, calls this artistic optical illusion “Definism.” According to him, “Definism, depicts various differences in human nature, from the daily dramas of life to humanity’s quest to understand itself. “My works transport viewers from the stagnation of their daily reality to a visual interpretation of another reality.”

500 drawings.

Darrell Urban Black born in Brooklyn, New York, grew up in Far Rockaway and Brentwood Long Island New York. In high school, he excelled in science with an affinity for outer space. In June 1969, as America fulfilled J. F. Kennedy’s dream of placing American stars and stripes on the dusty surface of the moon. Darrell’s fascination with spaceships was growing. As a child he made models of spaceships eventually placing his artistic visions on paper, resulting in around 500 drawings. Spooky spaceships that ultimately transported Darrell to a unique wonderland of odd shapes and colors.

Nominated by the German government.

In 1982, he joined the National Guard. During this time, his previous drawings were lost, but not his passion. In 1988, Darrell joined the United States Army and served four more years. Earned his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration from the University of Phoenix. In April 2001, Darrell, was nominated by the German government as “Nominee of the Year Award for Promising Young Artists”. For his work entitled “The invasion” in the exhibition “The Zeppelin in art, design and advertising”. Work presented between May 30 and July 30, 2000 at Frankfurt International Airport. Another piece mentioned in the nomination letter was titled “The Cosmic Shroud”. Piece executed with a unique technique of glue and acrylic on linen. The image has been described as “universally attractive and representing a subject that concerns us all – the Universe”.


Darrell, has had numerous local group art shows. National and international. It has works of art on permanent display in a number of art galleries. Also in museums and other institutions around the world. Darrell’s work was also displayed on a billboard in Times Square in New York City for the exhibit titled: “SeeMe Takes Over Times Square 2014”.

Darrell lives in Frankfurt, Germany. He continues to draw and paint in pursuit of his artistic dreams. He is a member of the Veteran Artists Abroad Program (EuroVAP).

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