David Černý

David Černý

David Černý

Sculptor, Installation

Location : (Czechoslovakia)


The sculptor David Černý. Unlike most contemporary Czech artists. Is one of the most visible figures in the art world of the Czech Republic. He often creates figurative sculptures designed for public space. Much more than sorting out isolated aesthetic problems. He is called upon to intervene in societal relations and to animate (animate) the media space.

Franz Kafka.

Among the most recent achievements of the artist. You can find the work entitled La tête de Franz Kafka. Located opposite the Prague Quadrio shopping center building. The movement of the 11-meter statue is ensured by 42 synchronous motors. The soul of the sculpture is a unique code. Which includes 15 programs. Which make up the final choreography of the facial movement.


David Černý

Website : http://www.davidcerny.cz/





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