Dr Christian Thompson – “Strange Flower”

Dr Christian Thompson – “Strange Flower”

Dr Christian Thompson AO: “Strange Flower”
Michael Reid GalleRY at The Australian Embassy – Until March 21, 2021 Berlin (Germany)






Entitled “Strange Flower”. Christian Thompson’s exhibition at the Australian Embassy in Berlin in cooperation with Michael Reid Sydney + Berlin brings together key works from his entire career. We are pleased to present this exhibition in collaboration with the Australian Embassy. Inaugurated on the occasion of NAIDOC week.

Formally trained as a sculptor. Thompson’s multidisciplinary practice involves mediums such as photography. The video. The sculpture. Performance and sound. His work transcends the ethnographic perspective. What he invents a type of “spiritual repatriation”. Which emerges via a third space somewhere between the lived experience. Historical archives and the contemporary present. Although Thompson appears in his work, these are not self-portraits. Instead, he uses his body to present ideas about identity. The collision of cultures and as an expression of its Bidjara (Australian native) culture.

Thompson’s most recent works include large 4-panel works spanning over 2 meters in height and width. Hidden behind a myriad of native Australian flowers. The works explore ideas of consumption. And the collective angst with which the present times are confronted. By disguising the subject, Thompson creates a space for rediscovery.

Currently open only by appointment. Register your interest via info.berlin@dfat.gov.au.


Dan Hicks Twitterissä: ""We Bury Our Own"—some images from the 2012  exhibition by leading contemporary Aboriginal artist Christian Thompson at  the @Pitt_Rivers #MuseumsUnlocked https://t.co/ifsTd97tAr…  https://t.co/KJylivlXet"Christian Thompson, 'Forgiveness of Land', from the We Bury Our Own series,  2012. | Dr christian, Christian, Thompson

The Australian Embassy, Berlin→  Wallstraße 76-79, 10179 Berlin, (Germany)

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