Ernesto Neto “Blow”

Ernesto Neto “Blow”

Ernesto Neto “Blow”

Centro Cultural La Moneda – March 2, 2021 Santiago (Chili)






Blow is a retrospective with more than 80 works by the exceptional Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto (Rio de Janeiro, 1964). His works are exhibited in the two large rooms and in the main room of the CCLM. A fun and participatory journey between different pieces as well as immense immersive sculptures. In his work, closely linked to the work he leads with the Amazonian communities. Neto explores ancestral knowledge and practices. He presents us through collaborative work, new realities and possibilities for contemporary art and its link with heritage. 

The limits of perception.

Neto, heir to the revolutionary Brazilian plastic around the body. Consider expanding the limits of perception. In his works he associates lycra. The cork. Spices like cloves and saffron. Also, natural elements like sand. He constructs scenes that invite us to reflect on our position as human beings in relation to other living beings. Our undeniable vocation in relation to others. Our harmony with the different and with nature.


Ernesto Neto "Blow"

Centro Cultural La Moneda→  Plaza de la Ciudadanía 26 Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chili

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