Erwin Wurm: Sculpture is everywhere

Erwin Wurm Sculpture is everywhere

Erwin Wurm: Sculpture is everywhere

Suwon Museum of Art – Until March 19, 2023 Seoul (South Korea)


Sculpture traditionally refers to the field of formative art that creates three-dimensional forms by cutting out or combining various materials. However, modern art has continued to develop from traditional techniques, and recently any concept or virtual image has become art. As a result, modern sculptors are looking for a way to look at sculpture in a different way by combining traditional sculpture with a new concept.

Omnidirectional activities.

This exhibition 《Erwin Wurm: Sculpture Without Me》 is an exhibition that introduces the art world of Erwin Wurm (b. 1954-), a leading Austrian artist, and presents his omnidirectional activities crossing different genres. For Erwin Wurm, sculpture is traditional sculpture, action through the body, and a concept that exists without physical form. Through this exhibition, we seek to provide time to shatter preconceived notions about art and expand one’s imagination while paying attention to the multi-layered meaning of the “sculpture” presented by the artist.

61 pieces.

《Erwin Call: Sculptures Without Me> traces Erwin’s artistic imagination through 61 pieces carefully selected from his works. The first part of the exhibition, 《Contemplation on Society》, looks back to the present day through the ridiculously exaggerated shapes found in the artist’s representative works, such as <Fat Convertible (Fat Car)> (2019) and <13 Pullover > (1991). . The second part 《Reflections on participation》questions the interrelation between sculpture and action, as well as the series ‘One Minute Sculpture’ (1996-) which brought the artist international fame. The last 3 parts 《Contemplation on Common Sense》breaks the common sense that pieces are pieces and ‘Through the ‘Flat Sculpture’ (2021-2022) and ‘Skin Sculpture’ (2021) series, the various attempts at l artist to go beyond the formal limits of sculpture are shown.

Ordinary carvings.

Erwin Wurm demonstrates a different way of working from ordinary sculptures, such as reducing the weight of a sculpture, creating a form that swells or melts, and producing a video of the process. His idea that sculptures can only be made with intangible thoughts has a great influence on many artists and gives viewers the freedom to go beyond the prescribed interpretation of sculpture. I hope that this exhibition 《The Call of Ervin: Sculpture Without Me》 will be an opportunity to ‘sculpt’ a new way of thinking about sculpture while breathing with the work of the artist.


Erwin Wurm Sculpture is everywhere

Suwon Museum of Art →  833 Jeongjo-ro, Paldal-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea







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