Hammer Projects: Chiharu Shiota

Hammer Projects: Chiharu Shiota
Hammer Museum –  March 26 to Aug 27, 2023 Los Angeles (US)


Chiharu Shiota (b. 1972, Osaka) is a Berlin-based artist whose installations, sculpture, and performance art invoke psychogeographic spaces of memory. Emotions, and the cyclical nature of life and death. Using red, black, or white yarn as a base material, Shiota often creates meticulously webbed environments that span the length of entire galleries and mimic organic forms such as cobwebs, veins, and fractals. Shiota also includes a range of found objects in her work such as wooden chairs, abandoned shoes, rusted keys, and used dresses as a strategy to implicate the viewer in the artist’s personal narratives that are often universal experiences.

Unique & visceral installation.

Shiota will be the inaugural artist featured in the Hammer’s redesigned lobby and will envelop the area with a unique and visceral installation.


Hammer Projects - Chiharu Shiota2Hammer Projects: Chiharu Shiota

Hammer Museum→  10899 Wilshire Boulevard Westwood – Los Angeles, CA, USA 90024






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