Hao Ni

Hao Ni

Hao Ni

Mixed-Media, Sculptor, Installation
Location : New York (US)





Through my work I strive to articulate overlapping systems. Hierarchical structures. And the polarity of power dynamics. I am always searching to understand the movement of power. By tracing the violence that occurs when power structures collide. I draw inspiration from sources such as geopolitics. History. Pop culture. Ecology, and parapsychology. I often overlap different methodologies from multiple disciplines. Until new perspectives emerge. So that I can construct visual poetries to reveal and examine the systematic violence of our time.


20151016193029-structurestudy2_2_20151016184400-twoscoresfromstructurestudyiii_nocturnalinsectsandburntmarksonmusicalscores_21x29Hao Ni

Website→  https://haoni.art/




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