Haruhiko Kawaguchi

Haruhiko Kawaguchi

Haruhiko Kawaguchi (Hal)


Location : Japan






Artist in his forties Haruhiko Kawaguchi. Better known as Photographer Hal. He wraps couples in plastic sheeting. Then extract the air using a vacuum cleaner. Prisoners, they are then deprived of space and oxygen. And, under pressure, their bodies metamorphose. “To communicate, the two lovers are forced to draw what they want to express with their bodies,” he explains. Hindered. Asphyxiated. Entwined … The ordeal lasts only ten seconds. The time required for Haruhiko Kawaguchi to activate the shutter release for his camera. He immortalizes these couples and their simulated antics in plastic. During this time period. The epidermis collide and overlap. Deprived of air, the lovers suffocate and enter a stealthy trance conducive to introspection. Because, under vacuum, in their narrow transparent bubble. The seconds become hours. And before yelling, about to pass out. These new kinds of guinea pigs experience the pleasure of suffocation, on the brink of orgasm.


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Website : http://www.photographerhal.com/index.html

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