Kathleen Kucka – March 14 to April 25

Kathleen Kucka – March 14 to April 25

Kathleen Kucka

Heather Gaudio Fine Art – March 14 to April 25, 2020 New Canaan (USA)






The exhibition will present new paintings. And eye-catching prints that Kucka spent last year creating. Its multi-step process. Is an activation of the image plane using unconventional, but contradictory methods. Using different tools. Like charcoal fire starters. Torches. Irons or hot plates. Kucka carefully burns the surface of the canvas. Canceling the pictorial conventions and the support of the painting itself. Certain markings form rectilinear calculated patterns. Concentric or radial. While others make more random fluid arrangements. She paints or leaves the canvas naked. Intentionally leaving traces of marked and smoked areas. As proof of physical engagement with the material.

Perforated fabrics

Sometimes the pigment humorously emulates lively flames on the surface. These perforated fabrics are then mounted on secondary prepared paints. They can introduce another color into the overall composition. In this way, Kucka approaches the limits of the canvas by accentuating the voids. Which become the spaces beyond the plane of the image. For Kucka, piercing a work with heat. Or fire is another way to make your mark – destruction. New joints are emerging. These intriguing works are reminiscent of forms. Or old models seen in nature.


Kathleen Kucka

Heather Gaudio Fine Art – 66 Elm Street, New Canaan, CT 06840 (US)

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