Ever Gold Gallery – Until May 1, 2021 San Francisco (US)







Ever Gold [Projects] is pleased to present BITS. An exhibition of four NFTs installed IRL from the DARK TECH 1 series by contemporary artist KATSU. As shown in our physical gallery in San Francisco. Four works take a material form. Through the use of custom sculptural spotlights. With internal digital media. Who continue KATSU’s legacy as a critic of the tech industry and its titans. The installation based on several projections presents four versions of an Elon Musk conjoined with a demonic second self. Composed of four different rare earth elements.

Using NFT typing technology. The works of art will also be revealed simultaneously. They will be and offered exclusively on the SuperRare platform in the form of non-fungible tokens. These NFTs are the same digital media that are projected inside the gallery for installation.

KATSU is a new media artist working in New York City. His works involve technology. Public intervention and include comments on commercialism. Privacy and digital culture. As a result, his practice includes painting by drone. Also, sculpture. Digital media. Conceptual works and now crypto art. This is KATSU’s first exhibition with Ever Gold [Projects].




Ever Gold→  441 O’Farrell Street San Francisco, CA, USA 94102


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