Kimiyo Mishima

Kimiyo Mishima

Kimiyo Mishima
Visual artist
Location: (Japan)


Female artist born in 1932 in Osaka. Mishima is best known for its ceramic sculptures on which prints are transferred by screen printing. She has been creating these works since about 1971. Now 80 years old, she is still prolific. Earlier, during the 1950s and 1960s, she exhibited many ambitious paintings using a collage technique, which also attracted a lot of public attention at the time.

What has been the backbone of his creative urge is “The fear and anxiety of drowning in information”. Through her works, she has never ceased to question the uncertainty of modern society in which more and more information is provided by printed matter, updated and quickly outdated. It happens so quickly that we don’t have time to review and appreciate the actual materials produced, such as manga magazines. What initially attracted her to clay was the opportunity it offered to move her practice into a three-dimensional space that is also strong and yet breakable.

Abstract art.

Mishima had started experimenting with painting as a teenager. Around 1957, she turned to abstract art. She began to draw various patterns with sparse or thick layers of paint. From the 1960s, she used mosquito nets. Covers. Newspapers. Magazines for collage, among which particularly fond of prints. She embarked on screen printing in 1966. Then her style evolved towards the three-dimensional. In 1986/87, she studied in New York, supported by a scholarship from the Rockefeller Scholarship ACC, New York, USA.
Mishima’s works have been featured in numerous international exhibitions.


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