Lee Jae Hyo

Lee Jae Hyo

Lee Jae Hyo


Location : Seoul (Korea)






Lee Jaehyo is a Korean sculptor. Who has exhibited extensively in his homeland and in Europe. He makes free-standing sculptures and reliefs from humble. Almost mundane, materials. Principally logs and steel nails. These are transformed with great skill. And hours of industrious toil into lustrous and refined objects. Their highly polished and burnished surfaces express. An attention to detail and a painstaking concern. For disclosing the innate beauty of the material. These unique forms are derived. From the interdependence of man-made and natural. Their structural integrity relies. On the contrasting combination of steel and wood.


artists Directory SculptorArtists directory sculpltureJaehyo Lee 이재효 - 0121-1110=107041, 520 x 520 x 520 cm, wood, Korean Eye, Saatchi, 2012

Website : http://www.leeart.name/

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