Liza Lou

Liza Lou

Liza Lou
Visual artist
Location: Los Angeles (US)


Liza Lou emerged on the art scene with her 15.6m2 sculptural installation Kitchen. A life-size copy of the piece covered with glass beads as a symbol of hard work and materiality. Presented at the 1996 exhibition at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City, it was quickly sold and allowed Lou to produce his next major work of art, again with hundreds of pearls, “Back Yard “.

The index of imprisonment.

Since then, the artist has created many other installations. Sculptures and other visual works focusing on issues such as psychological spaces. The index of imprisonment. Protection, labor problems and discrimination against women. Since the first exhibition, Lou’s works have been presented in both solo and group exhibitions. In major art spaces in the United States and abroad.

South Africa.

In 2005, the artist traveled to South Africa. She founded a studio with Zulu pearl makers who helped her produce another important work of art. Continuous Mile, made up of 4.5 million black pearls.

Today, Liza Lou divides her time between the province of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa and Los Angeles.


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