Martín Lagares

Martín Lagares

Martín Lagares


Location : Spain


Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Cuenca. Martín Lagares was born in 1976 in the enclave that connects the coast and the Onubense mountain range. In his hometown, La Palma del Condado, he has developed his entire career since graduating in 2000. Apprentice to sculptor Francisco Joaquin Moreno Daza.

With an overwhelming personality, the dexterity of his hands with mud, gives his work the strength of the most primitive art. The spirituality of the most evolved man.

Martín Lagares mainly works with clay. Terracotta. Resin and bronze. Materials of immanence, far from the nobility of marble and its divinizing or transcendent stubbornness. Nothing is accidental. These are the most suitable materials for generating creative tension. And strongly expressive to which his sculpture aspires.


 Martín Lagares






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