Mikael Christian Strøbek

Mikael Christian Strøbek

Mikael Christian Strøbek

Sculptor, Installation

Location : Berlin (Germany)






Mikael Christian Strøbek, visual artist based in Berlin. He merges photography. The sculpture. Light and digital art to create themes of perception. Physical movements through its installations.
Strøbek’s minimalist and contemporary works give a perspective on form. Color and composition in different artistic contexts. At first glance, the viewer assumes that the works are physical in nature. But often, the artist creates conceptual 3D renderings of his installations.

“Digital works seek to redefine artistic production in connection with architectural contexts. “

By using several supports in his geometric works. Strøbek creates a framework through which the viewer can freely attribute their own impressions.


Mikael Christian StrøbekMikael Christian Strøbek's Contemporary Geometric Sculptures Are ...Mikael Christian Strobek

Website → https://www.mikaelstrobek.com/

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