Monica Piloni

Monica Piloni

Monica Piloni
Visual artist
Location: São Paulo (Brazil)






In sculptures, objects and photographs. Monica Piloni (Curitiba, Brazil, 1978) deforms the human body by dismemberment. The omission or the multiplication of elements that generate a disturbing, unnatural and morbid form. Her work questions both the sexualization of the female figure. She incites sensuality through deformed naked bodies that repel and attract each other.

Looking at the artist’s work as a whole, one finds oneself in front of a sort of cabinet of curiosities. Populated with representations that explain a fragmentation. A dismemberment of beauty in a universe formed by an often faceless character. Whose openings do not lose organs or viscera, but empty the discomfort.

The search for meaning in works like that of Monica Piloni, suggests that she is hiding something to decipher. As if an enigma involved the very figure of the artist, since many of his sculptures are made from a self-portrait.

A fractured ecstasy.

In other of his works there is a profusion of mouths and genitals. Hands that grip and hair that folds in on itself. Suggesting a fractured ecstasy. A fluctuation of incomplete bodies in a contained orgasm. But these are so many conjectures to which this work leads us. As if our judgment could shed light on the shadows of the mystery produced by these sculptures.



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