Monika Sosnowska

Monika Sosnowska

Monika Sosnowska
Visual artist
Location: Warsaw (Poland)


Monika Sosnowska, best known for her enormous skeletal architectural forms. It harnesses the engineering gifts of these elements and the imperceptible grace of their designs. His sculptures of mutilated construction elements are not creative approximations of architecture. They are fabricated, deformed and reassembled construction elements. Sosnowska’s structures crumple like paper, bend and twist to the demands of historical time. Then, by the force of an ideological gravity. Sosnowska shows her ability to sublimate the traces of destruction, like an urban archaeologist in search of pages of history.

Malleable and fragile.

Support structures are malleable and fragile when removed from their context. Without foundation or hinge, they become without object. Intended to enclose us, to protect us and to assist us, they are the most revealing when they fail. A broken step does not go unnoticed. But something animates these truncated forms. Something ghostly resonates from the cold industrial material. The works recall something familiar, something known, but only in memory. Or maybe built from that. Sosnowska explores the shift in the viewer’s understanding of a work. The moment when reality gives way to another space, psychic or historical.


Monika SosnowskaMonika Sosnowska, Polish pavillian at Venice biennale | 個展, 建築, モニカSosnowska, Monika | Installation street art, Perez art museum, Contemporary art16 Monika Sosnowska ideas







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