Motohiko Odani

Motohiko Odani

Motohiko Odani
Visual artist
Location: Japan

Odani Motohiko was born in Kyoto, Japan, in 1972. He has created a body of work using diverse techniques and materials that undermines the conventional notions of sculpture since studying sculpture at Tokyo University of the Arts. He thus for example uses paraffin wax and strengthened plastic. Odani works on the themes of physical sensations and psychological states, such as pain and fear, awaken latent thoughts and emotions in their viewers.


His works have been showcased at the international exhibitions including Lyon Biennale (2000; France), Istanbul Biennale (2001; Turkey), and at the Japan Pavilion in Venice (2003; Italy).
His artistic interest and sensibility further reach out to the genealogies of sculpture and expand to diverse media, and his oeuvre is highly acclaimed in and out of his country.
His major solo exhibitions include Tulpa -Here is me, ANOMALY (2019; Tokyo), Terminal Moment, Kyoto Art Center (2014), and Phantom Limb, Mori Art Museum (2011-2011; Tokyo, travelled across Japan). In 2020, his first curatorial project PUBLIC DEVICE – Symbolism and Permanence of Sculpture, was held at the Chinretsukan Gallery, University of the Arts, Tokyo.


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