Nate Lewis

Nate Lewis

Nate Lewis
Photographer, collage
Location: New-York (US)






Nate Lewis explores history through models. The textures and the rhythm. Create festive and lamenting meditations.
He obtained a bachelor’s degree in nursing from VCU. Nate practiced critical care nursing in Washington area hospitals for nine years. Lewis’s first artistic activity was the violin in 2008. Then drawing in 2010. Since 2017, he lives and works in New York.

Distortion and illusion.

Lewis is interested in the invisible. Her work is driven by empathy and the desire to understand nuanced points of view. By modifying the photographs, he aims to challenge people’s views on race. And history through distortion and illusion. Treating paper as an organism itself. He sculpts patterns related to cellular tissue. Has anatomical elements, allowing to discover stories and hidden patterns from the photographs. Lewis approaches subjects and images from a place of diagnosis. With the idea of ​​using diagnostic lenses and contrast dyes. Through his medical training, he is interested in the tensions that exist inside and outside of us. Ultimately, the work embraces humanistic ideas of human connection and understanding.


Nate Lewis This Artist Got His Start as an I.C.U. Nurse in 2020 | Hand sculpted, Black art, Shows in nycNate Lewis | Washington Project for the Arts


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