Nicolás Lamas

Nicolás Lamas

Nicolás Lamas
Sculptor, Visual artist
Location: Brussels (Belgium)






All the energy of the interactive object / subject situation in Nicolás Lamas’s work becomes something dialectical. A sort of action and counter-action taking place over time. The entanglement between ideas and particles. The continuous sharpening of speculation and manufacturing through emerging materials. Locating evidence and releasing subversive energies trapped in objects are characteristics shared by both Nicolás’ work and archaeological disciplines. Each site opened and engaged by the artisan skills of making objects. By the sensitivity to release them has the potential for transformation. This, to shape a type of archeology that transcends the human category to position objects in new systemic structures.

The transmission of information.

By carefully handling the images. The texts and sounds associated with the detection. In the interpretation and transmission of information, Nicolás Lamas tries to make up the various inconsistencies generated by the representation. It creates a world rich in possibilities, permanent interactions. Ellipses, attractions and repulsions. Inversions between horizontality and verticality. Incompatibilities between vacuum and matter. Distortions of logic. From one piece to the next, Nicolás Lamas develops a meticulous network that allows the “system” to find its own balance in the imbalance.



Nicolás LamasAgainst the Boundary of its Own Definition' by Nicolás Lamas at Ladera Oeste – OFluxo | Nicolas, Ladera, Instagram posts







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