Nikola Emma Ryšavá

Nikola Emma Ryšavá

Nikola Emma Ryšavá
Visual artist, sculptor
Location: Prague (Czech Republic)

Nikola Emma Ryšavá always dwelt on a variety of creative expressions, making artwork a clear choice for her. From the study of ceramics to the design of wooden toys, she went to study sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, a field in which she feels she could finally fully realize herself.

Surreal figures.

Her body of work is full of surreal often anthropomorphic figures, sometimes grotesque, emotional and other times macabre. Creation often stems from literature, her inner world, and from her amateur interest in psychoanalysis.

Therapeutic form.

Relationships, intimacy, and the effort to capture what’s happening within a person are the topics Nikola Emma is working with over the past few years. Artwork often has a therapeutic form in her case.

She has exhibited in various places in the Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, and Australia.


Nikola Emma Ryšavá | Art connection, Emotional art, Conceptual art

Nikola Emma Ryšavá: Photo | Contemporary sculpture, Contemporary art, Sculpture painting

sculpture Pains :: Nikola Emma Rysava Pains Plaster, epoxy, nails 2015 | Contemporary sculpture art, Mixed media art canvas, Ceramic sculpture figurative






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