Nina Valetova


Location: New-York (US)

Nina Valetova

Nina Valetova


Nina Valetova (Russia) established an early interest in art , which led her to art school and then university BGPU in Ufa.
Using techniques such as oil, acrylic, and colored pencil, Nina addresses several aesthetic categories around ancient cultures, mythologies, fantasy, metaphysics and philosophy.

Theme of science.

The theme of science is also presented in artworks, like a homotopy and mobius strip.
Nina Valetova is an established artist in the current wave of bold, experimental artists. Exploration of synthesis different styles has been a recurring feature in her work.

Synthesis Art.

In general, Nina’s art does not fall into the one category and style. Often each piece is created in several styles.
Searching new way in creating art, Nina establishes Synthesis Art Style in contemporary art, that combines of suprematism, surrealism, cubism with abstract and figurative arts.


Valetova has broadly exhibited her work internationally, mainly in Europe, China and USA.

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