Rachel Perry

Rachel Perry

Rachel Perry
Visual artist
Location: US


Born in Tokyo, Japan, the work of Rachel Perry is present in many museums and private collections around the world. Including the Museum of Fine Arts and the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art. The Baltimore Museum of Art. Ford Foundation and the List Visual Arts Center at MIT.

Rachel Perry’s varied practice includes installation. The sculpture. Performance. Photography. Painting and drawing. In response to trends she observes in contemporary culture, Perry often re-enacts everyday materials in her work, such as supermarket labels, receipts. Twist ties and fruit stickers. By rearranging this material and the experiences of his daily life in visually startling ways, Perry addresses a range of issues related to consumption and the affairs of life.

Photographic self-portraits.

His interest in the way we consume. Let’s sort, process and sort information is evident in the series Lost in my Life (2009-2012). These photographic self-portraits feature Perry camouflaged in a space composed of materials taken from other bodies of her work, such as collections of cereal boxes. Take-out containers and aluminum foil. Both humorous and visually appealing, these photographs also testify to the pervasiveness of consumer culture in today’s world.

Chiral Drawings.

Her series, Chiral Drawings (2014-2016), began as an attempt to make a drawing using every pen, pencil, crayon and marker she owns. Limiting his expression to a single line with each instrument, performed with the left hand then with the right hand. The works have a haunting quality. Evoking time measurements, such as seismographs or electrocardiograms. As in Lost in my Life, in Chiral Drawings Perry reveals poetic qualities in seemingly mundane materials.


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