Sam Lee

Sam Lee

Sam Lee

Artist, Maker

Location: Chaumussay – (France)






Since 2002. I have produced and exhibited sculptures, installations, site-specific art work. photographs, books and prints in galleries and outside in a rural context both in France. The UK.Much of my inspiration. Comes from the landscape. And the observations of light and form evident in the place I live and work. I often search out simple everyday materials. Which not only reflect my interest in ordinary things but also can equally influence. Or suggest the direction that I may take. Sometimes the art work begins from a simple visual. Or tactile interest in the material itself (even the availability of materials such as found objects).


Installations have been made of cling film. Aluminium foil, plastic, wood. Wax, found objects and wire and the camera lens has captured and added too many of these art works. As much of the work is site-specific, photography has become an important medium with which to convey my direct experience of making art work in the landscape onto the gallery wall. The camera lens has allowed me to more fully explore ideas in a way that painting could not although. I continue to make paintings). Fleeting moments of light and form have taken me in unexpected directions and even fed back into my installations and sculptures.

Is also an extremely important element and has been a major inspiration. Not only in my own work but as a job in which. I have participated in many projects for artists such as Howard Hodgkin. Jim Dine, AR Penck. Joe Tilson, among many others since 1984. In recent years. I have developed and concentrated on my own printmaking work which. I am expanding in scale and concept with examples now held in private and public collections.


Ten thousand yearsSpring on Fire seriesOcean Bloom

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