Steen Ipsen

Steen Ipsen 2

Steen Ipsen

Sculptor, Ceramist

Location : Denmark.

The sculptures of Steen Ipsen, despite their appearance devoid of imperfection. As machined, are all unique. Handmade. Without any recourse to a computer or digital technique. The notion of manual skills is central to the artist’s work. Each piece is enamelled. Re-enameled and baked several times to obtain a perfectly finished surface. Smooth and monochrome. The brilliance of the monochrome draws the viewer’s eye to the sculpture as if to a mirror.


If ceramic remains the central material of the works of Steen Ipsen. In some of her creations, she is enhanced with colored strings. Leather straps. Of PVC or hand-drawn patterns, which emphasize the formal contrasts of the object and its movements. These additions place the sculptures in a spatial context. And give them a strong graphic dimension. The movements are also highlighted by the brilliant varnish of the sculptures.

Organic growth.

The assembly of Steen Ipsen’s sculptures can follow different methods. The accumulation of clay pieces according to variations. Or the free modeling of objects. The result is works comparable to geometric systems. Inspired by organic and mineral growth processes. Such as crystallization or the human body.

Steen Ipsen 2Ellipse 7/2019. H 34 x W 47 cm.Ellipse 15/2019. H 50 x W 37 cm.

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