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 Use the maximun of information,  before Submit  your Artwork: Biography. Website. 3/4 Photos  (max 100Ko). Thank you.


Get a unique page designed especially for artists to showcase your works. Additionally, you will be listed in our artist directory and become visible to thousands of viewers of your work online.

Plug in your images and your portfolio can be online within 72 hours.

IMPORTANT to be selected : Use #happen_art & follow us @happen_art 

"Free option" After 72 hours (if selected). "Note: After verification, all pornographic photos and moral violations will be refused. Read the * Terms and Conditions.

Terms & Conditions

Welcome to HappenArt. (the “Site”) includes various web pages. Also, we give visibility to international artists and therefore to events around the world in the form of a digital platform. HappenArt is also called: “We / Our”. The artist is also referred to as “Artist” and “You (r / re)”.

Art Submissions:

We agree to carefully review all artist submissions. In addition, we agree that the works of each artist will be carefully reviewed on the basis of the required submission form duly completed. As well as key criteria including, but not limited. To technique. Originality. Media usage. Skills. Composition and finally its presentation.

Therefore, the Artist understands that any incomplete submission may be rejected by the juror / co-juror. However, any artist selected by the juror / co-juror will be notified at the latest 48 hours after receipt of his so-called “Advanced option” form. 10 days after receipt of his form says: “Pro option”. 72 hours after receiving his so-called “Free opion” form, the artist also understands that the so-called “Free option” submission does not guarantee automatic distribution on the site.

-The following types of submissions are prohibited and will not be taken into account:

In this paragraph, the different refusals: Abusive. Threatening. Obscene. Defamatory and otherwise offensive statements / material. 

Promotion of illegal activities.

Explicitly obscene or sexual content, pornography, acte of violence.

Misrepresentation / False or misleading information.

Collection of information for commercial or illegal purposes from other artists / people.

Material containing software viruses. Files or programs designed to interrupt. Damage. Destroy or limit functionality.

-Note: Therefore, refunds will not be possible.

– Images / Intellectual Property:

In this paragraph it says that all artists retain the copyright. In other words : all other intellectual property rights to any artwork or other content in their submission. However, by completing the submission form and uploading images. Artists grant HappenArt a non-exclusive. That is, royalty-free, and limited license to copy the image. Likewise, distribute. Reformat as necessary. Store and display the artwork or the content. By uploading your images. Then, by filling out the required submission form. In conclusion,the artist agrees to allow HappenArt to share any or all of the artwork and / or artist information, for example: Name. Website. Information. Etc. Mostly, to further promote said artist through our various online portals including, but not limited to. The website and / or social media channels.

However, artists can revoke this license at any time. For example; by contacting us by email through the site. Artists will submit / upload any artwork. Images and content at their own risk. In addition, they agree that HappenArt will not be responsible for any misrepresentation of their art and / or information by any other party. Please note above all, that HappenArt presents artist / artwork information and labels exactly as presented upon submission.


“Free option” no fees will be charged.

-As for paid options, artist posts require a fee. For example: uploading. Webmaster. Community manager.

Jury, are non-refundable and non-transferable. $ 19 for Advanced option. $ 59 for Pro option. In conclusion, us does not charge any other fees of any kind. However, the “Advanced” and “Pro” options are non-refundable. Non-transferable after publication.

Method of payment:

In order to make the online payment method more fluid and secure.  “Advanced” and “Pro” options HappenArt has opted for transactions via Paypal.

For this you must already have a valid Paypal account. If this is not the case Paypal will invite you to create an account. This process is simple, fast and secure.

However, for artists or galleries who do not want to create a Paypal account. You must send us an email:

After that, we will send you a link with a second method of payment by secure credit card. In this specific case, please note that the registration form must be completed after the payment process.


In this paragraph, HappenArt only undertakes in the cases of fig below to reimburse the “Advanced” and “Pro” submissions:

First, submission off topic with the editorial line of our site which broadcasts Art.

Secondly, submission that the jurors or co-jurors rejected for reasons of artistic choice.

However, the refund to the artist will be possible only via a Paypal account, within 21 days.

Note: Refunds will not be possible if the artist has already been accepted and published on our site (see above “Fees”).


HappenArt is committed to helping and representing emerging and established artists. So we’ve partnered up with several like-minded people to jurors or co-jurors our publications. Jurors can include, but are not limited to, for example: Artists. Creative directors. Gallery owners / directors. Industry professionals and more. Note above all, that, in accordance with our privacy policy. Juros /Co-jurors reserve the right to remain anonymous.

Artists directory:

Our HappenArt team is committed to providing all selected artists with a dedicated web page. A broadcast on some of our social networks.

  • Advanced & Pro option, HappenArt undertakes to publish on its @happen_art account, 1 work representative of the artist.
  • Free option, HappenArt does not undertake to publish a work representative of the artist.

In order to boost your visibility, HappenArt undertakes to publish on the homepage of its site as well as various pages of the site 1 advertising representative of the artist.

  • 2 weeks: For Advanced.
  • 1 month: For Pro.

No advertising will be shown: For Free.


A questionnaire in the form of questions / answers about your Art will be sent to you by email. (you do not have to check this option)


You must copy / paste the shortcode of your NFT provided by your distribution channel (ex: OpenSea etc) in our submission form.

  • 1 for “Free option”
  • 4 for “Advanced option”
  • 8 for “Pro option” 

The buyer will be redirected to your NFT provider via your shortcode. Note: No sales charge.


Online posting on our Website after receipt of your form:

  • 72h for Free option (if selected).
  • 48h for Advanced & Pro option.
Privacy policy:

Information: your privacy is important to us. So HappenArt will never share or sell your personal information to a third party and we protect any personal information and / or properties that we obtain from you. Us has the discretion to update this privacy policy at any time. By using our website and completing the Artist Submission Form. You agree and signify your acceptance of this policy and all other terms and conditions.

Changes / Amendments:

Eventually, HappenArt reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add or remove parts of the terms. Website. Publication. Submission guidelines / at any time. Continued use of the HappenArt site or services constitutes acceptance by the artists of such changes.

Copyright infringement:

This website and its content are the property of HappenArt – © HappenArt 2018. All rights reserved.

Any redistribution or reproduction of all or part of the content in any form whatsoever is prohibited other than the following:

· First, you can copy and paste the URL of the Artist Submission Opportunities on our site into your social media feed. Additionally, email your contacts to “share” the opportunity with like-minded artists / creatives. But only if you acknowledge the website as the source of the Material.

· Secondly, you can copy and paste our website URL link to your social media feed. Email to your contacts to ‘share’ the opportunity with like-minded artists / creatives, but only if you acknowledge the website as the source of the material.

. Thirdly, you may not, except with our express written permission, distribute or commercially exploit the content. In other words, you also may not transmit or store it on any other website or form of electronic retrieval system.

In conclusion, all content relating to this website, including but not limited to. Its various online resources. Forms. Applications. Graphics. Verbiage. Themes. Associated calls to art. Appearance and layouts are protected by copyright.

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For more than 5 years, & has been made available free of charge to the entire artistic community (@happen_art 23.2K / #exhibitionopening 131K). But now, the production cost has increased (Servers, supports, app, developers, community manager, etc.) and we cannot maintain all our services without the help of the community.

We absolutely need your help, to maintain all the services of the HappenArt platform and to provide better optimization of the site and its social networks

Your help will be deeply appreciated to continue this fabulous adventure! 🚀

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