Sungfeel Yun

Sungfeel Yun

Sungfeel Yun

Visual Artist

Location : South Korea





Sungfeel Yun is an innovative emerging contemporary artist. Sungfeel Yun uses the intense power of simplicity to convey monumental concepts. Through his unique paintings and sculptural pieces and installations. He effectively explores large and complex themes. From the eternal transfer of energy to universal equilibrium. Or creation towards extinction.
“ The vast expanse of the solar system and the micro-world of atoms have something in common. The two worlds revolve around the same axis. However, this link does not mean that there can be no change. Since all things in the universe are to a degree always active. In addition, whether they are large or small, they do not move in any way as they please but in
balance and reaction to each other. 



Sungfeel YunChaotic Cosmos 12 – FeelyunLooking at the Real World I, 2011, by Sung Feel Yun | Sketches, The real world, Fine art







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