Tony Cragg

Tony Cragg

Tony Cragg
Location: Wuppertal (Germany)






Tony Cragg was born in 1949 in Liverpool. After scientific training and a first job as a technician in a chemistry laboratory, he began artistic studies. He became a professor at the School of Fine Arts in Metz in 1976 then taught, in 1978, at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf.


In the 1980s, Tony Cragg joined the movement of New English Sculpture. Heir to New Realism or even Neo-Dadaism, the artist then used everyday objects and rubbish as basic materials for colorful figurative compositions. He then turned to working with wood, glass, bronze and polished steel. His most recent works present abstract and organic forms, accumulations of layers and volutes.


His works on paper are not classic sculptor’s “drawings”, nor a means of shedding light on plastic problems or formulating a plastic idea prior to sculpture. Tony Cragg himself speaks of “drawing as a process of discovery” which can also be used for emotional conditioning within the framework of a plastic process, and which retains its own value.



Tony Cragg







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