Villu Jaanisoo

Villu Jaanisoo

Villu Jaanisoo


Location : Estonia






Villu Jaanisoo (born in 1963 in Tallinn) is an Estonian sculptor and professor of sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts. He is known as a sculptor. Versatile user of materials. And interprets traditions of sculpture. He lives and works in Pirkkala and Helsinki.


Public works of Villu Jaanisoo. Anything is possible, are collected from used car tires. The sitting gorilla is nearly five meters tall. In her work, the artist wants to ask questions about the origin. The responsibility and the future of the man. According to the artist, Gorilla recalls endangered animal species. Whose habitat has declined due to human activity. By choosing the material he uses. It raises the ecological perspective. Jaanisoo hopes that the animal will bring joy to the weeklies. And will counterbalance the research. And the studies of the University.
The sculpture was destroyed by fire on January 10, 2018!


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